What Are the Different Types of Security Gadgets?

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While there are many different types of security gadgets available on the market, most of them fall into a few categories. Cameras are among the most prevalent and useful types of gadgets for security, and these include stationary hidden cameras, security cameras that can be connected to a large system, and personal hidden cameras. Microphones and similar listening devices are also quite common, including concealed microphones and devices that can be used to extend a person’s hearing range. Other security gadgets are often used to conceal or protect information, such as portable shredders, wallets that can protect credit card information, and bug or camera detectors.

Security gadgets are typically devices used for home or personal privacy and security. Cameras are among the most popular and varied of gadgets designed for security. Hidden cameras, for example, are available in different styles ranging from small cameras that can be hidden on other objects to various objects such as clocks and stuffed animals with cameras built into them. Security cameras can also be used for a variety of purposes, often not concealed and easily connected to a larger system, such as a wireless computer network. Personal hidden cameras are small and can be concealed on a person’s body; these include cameras hidden in sunglasses, buttons on shirts, and within hats.


Microphones and similar listening devices are also popular security gadgets. Hidden microphones are often concealed in stationary or personal objects, allowing the capture of audio information in a variety of settings. While these security gadgets can be concealed in household objects, they can also be built into writing pens, phones, keychains, and watches. There are also devices that can be used to extend a person’s natural range of hearing, without necessarily recording the audio, including handheld directional microphones and small earbuds that can be worn discreetly.

Other types of security gadgets are often designed for protecting information or hiding other types of objects. Handheld shredders, for example, provide portable options for those who need to be able to quickly and easily destroy paper with private information on it. Some unscrupulous individuals have developed technology that can be used to steal credit card information by scanning cards through people’s clothing or pockets, and wallets and purses have been designed to block out these scanners. There are also handheld security gadgets that can be used to scan an area for hidden microphones, also called “bugs,” or cameras to ensure personal security and privacy in any location.


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