What are the Different Types of Sebaceous Cyst Cures?

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Unfortunately, there are no true sebaceous cyst cures. An individual can, however, treat a sebaceous cyst. Some of the different types of treatments include hot compresses, herbal solutions, and supplements. An individual may also benefit from visiting his doctor to have a cyst injected with medication or even have one surgically removed. These treatments may make a sebaceous cyst go away, but they are unlikely to cure a person of them entirely.

One type of treatment for a sebaceous cyst involves leaving it alone. If a person does not attempt to treat this type of cyst, it will most likely go away on its own. Often, however, these cysts do not go away quickly enough to suit those suffering from them. In such a case, the person may look for sebaceous cyst cures and find a range of treatment possibilities instead.

An individual may attempt to treat a sebaceous cyst at home with a hot compress. To accomplish this, he may wet a cloth with hot water and then place the heated, wet cloth against the cyst for a period of time. Often, applying a hot compress for about 15 minutes, twice per day is helpful. Unfortunately, however, it can take a long time to work. In some cases, it may take 10 days or more to successfully treat a sebaceous cyst using hot compresses.


A visit to a doctor may also prove helpful in treating a sebaceous cyst. First, a doctor’s visit allows the affected individual to confirm that he does have a sebaceous cyst rather than another type of cyst or growth. Second, a doctor may use a steroid injection to treat the cyst. This involves injecting a steroid directly into the cyst, which typically provides a dramatic reduction of swelling.

Often, when people discuss sebaceous cyst cures, they include surgery as an option. If a cyst is large or causing a good deal of discomfort, a doctor may remove it surgically. This is normally accomplished as an outpatient procedure in a doctor’s office. As with other types of treatments for sebaceous cysts, surgical removal may not prevent a cyst from returning.

When a person searches for sebaceous cyst cures online, he may find a range of natural remedies to try. For example, he may find suggestions that range from consuming herbs and supplements to applying herbal pastes and solutions to the cyst. Some natural remedies may help to reduce a sebaceous cyst while others are unlikely to help at all.


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I have a sebaceous cyst on my back that I have had for years. Every so often I go to the doctor to have it drained if it gets too large.

My dermatologist tells me that if I want to get rid of it, my best chances are to have it surgically removed.

I have tried various sebaceous cyst home treatment remedies, but none of them have worked for me.

As far as using a hot compress, I might not have stuck with it as long as I needed to. I just gave up on trying to treat it naturally as it is something that is not visible and doesn't really bother me unless it gets real big.

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