What are the Different Types of Seasonal Work?

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Aside from summer and Christmas seasonal work, other types of jobs are available at different times of year. In rural areas, harvesting jobs are available as seasonal work, and ski areas will hire people to run operations for the entire winter. Cruise ships may hire people for seasonal work at off times of the year, such as autumn and winter, when people are likely to have a desire to escape the cold for warmer climates. Construction jobs are also available at different times throughout the year; many construction companies will hire workers during the driest seasons of the year, which can vary by location.

Agriculture seasonal work varies according to the crop and the region. Apple pickers, for example, will often work in the late summer and into the autumn picking apples for sale at grocery stores throughout the world. Other crops may be harvested at various times throughout the year, making it possible for a seasonal worker to continue working in different regions year round, picking different crops.

Christmas shopping seasonal jobs and tax season jobs are quite common. Retail outlets will often hire extra sales help, and delivery companies will hire extra drivers or sorters. Tax preparation companies will often hire extra accountants or qualified persons to help prepare tax documents, and the government may even hire extra help to sort through such documents.

Leisure seasonal work is perhaps the most common, though it is not limited to summer jobs as many people believe. Ski resorts hire lift operators and attendants, ski patrols, snow groomer operators, mechanics, hotel managers, housekeeping staff, bar and restaurant staff, and more for the ski season, which can last from early November to as late as June in some regions. Other winter seasonal work may include snow plow operators, who must clear snow from public and private roads and driveways any time snow accumulates in an area.

In regions such as New England in the United States, various jobs may be available during the autumn, when the fall foliage is at its peak and tourists come from all over the world to look at the beautiful colors. Hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, restaurants, tour companies, fall festivals, and other establishments may need extra help during this time. Pumpkin patches, too, may need extra employees in the autumn, particularly in the month or so leading up to Halloween. Apple orchards are likely to need sales staff to sell apples, apple cider, and other apple products during the autumn in many parts of the world.

Some larger cities will hire seasonal employees during a specific sports season. A baseball team may hire vendors, ticket takers, mascots, and so on for the duration of the baseball season. A hockey arena may hire people to tend to the ice during the hockey season, and even equipment managers to keep the player's equipment in the best shape.

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