What are the Different Types of Salon Services?

Sheri Cyprus

There are many different kinds of beauty salons. Each business offers one or more salon service options. The different types of salon services provide care and beautification for the body from head to toe.

Hair cutting and styling are common salon services.
Hair cutting and styling are common salon services.

Hair salon services are the most common. The style of service varies in different hairdressing salons and ranges from budget to pampering. Hair salons with budget prices have a basic "no frills" environment and may not even take appointments for cuts and simpler styles. More complicated hairstyles or perms and colors may require an appointment. Trendy, expensive hair salons are typically ultra-stylish in their decor; they tend to pamper clients with extra services, such as by providing herbal teas and snacks.

Massage therapy is performed at most day spas.
Massage therapy is performed at most day spas.

Day spa salons may also serve clients tea as well as a light lunch. Services at a day spa often include massage, facials and skin care treatments. Depending on the spa, specialties such as aromatherapy or mud baths may be offered. These types of salons may also have esthetic services such as hair removal. The different kinds of salon hair removal methods include laser treatments and waxing.

Salon services typically include facials.
Salon services typically include facials.

Many different types of salons feature skin care services. Facials often include a moisturizing cream mask that dries, then is removed to leave the skin refreshed. Manicures and pedicures are extremely popular salon services. Manicures include softening the skin on the hands and painting the fingernails, while pedicures involve skincare for the feet and polishing the toenails. Nail salons usually focus exclusively on manicures and pedicures; they offer artificial nails and creative decorations for fingernails and toenails.

Most spas offer manicures and pedicures in their list of services.
Most spas offer manicures and pedicures in their list of services.

Tanning salons have equipment and services for people who want to tan their skin artificially to create the look of a suntan. Many tanning salons have options that produce different shades and depths of tans to suit individual preferences, skin tones and eye colors. Stand-up methods may involve sprays, while tanning "beds" have the client lying on a lidded table fitted with ultra-violet (UV) lights. Tanning salons may also provide suggestions on purchasing and using their creams and lotions to produce a tanned look.

Skin softening treatments may be applied during a manicure.
Skin softening treatments may be applied during a manicure.

Makeup services are available at many kinds of salons. Cosmetics professionals help customers select flattering makeup colors for their skin. Bridal makeup is one of the most popular salon services; brides as well as their attendants may receive cosmetics application advice with the purchase of some of the shop's beauty products. Traditionally, salon cosmetic services were offered to women only, but increasingly, men's makeup options are also available.

Tanning salons often have tanning bed services, which use UV rays to darken the skin.
Tanning salons often have tanning bed services, which use UV rays to darken the skin.

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I got extensions before. It's cool.


I've always wanted to visit a day spa. I've never had a real massage before, and with all the stress I've had at work lately, I could use it!

I do wonder one thing, though. Is it possible to get injured during a massage? I have cysts on my kidneys, and I am a little afraid that the technician might rub too deeply and rupture one.


You can get beauty supplies in hair salons that you can't get in department stores. I buy this wonderful shampoo and conditioner from the hair salon where I get my hair cut, and even though it is more expensive than regular shampoo, the quality is awesome.


@liz1103 – I know what you mean. I am amazed that some people who have cut my hair actually managed to get their license!

I went to one salon and asked if they could do a root touchup on my color, because I didn't want to put highlights on the part that was already highlighted and had grown out. They told me that they could, but when I was in the chair, they re-highlighted the whole thing and damaged my hair!

I was so glad when my good friend got her cosmetology license, because I knew that she had good taste and I could trust her with my hair. I never go to anyone else now.


The store where my best friend gets her supplies for her beauty salon offers both salon services and supplies. So, regular customers can go in there for a trim or a coloring, while beauticians can go in there to buy perm solution, hair color, and styling irons.

Some of their products are not available to the public, but others can be purchased by anyone. I have bought things like nail polish and hair dryers there before, but only licensed cosmetologists can purchase the hair color and perm solution.


My favorite indulgence is getting my nails done. Having the option of getting acrylic nails as a salon service is a moderately priced way to add some flair to your look. You can go from wild to business friendly with a wide range of colors and styles.

I love the glitter tips instead of a standard French manicure. Have you seen the different designs available? I love changing my nails to suit my mood.

When I’m at home, I never seem to have time to sit long enough to let a coat of nail polish dry. The acrylic overlays keep my nails from breaking. More importantly, I get to carve out some much needed ‘me time’.


@Charmagne- My friend got the kind of extensions that clip on. They are matched to her exact hair color. They cost her around $100.00. They look pretty decent. You almost have to have layers for the clip on extensions to look right. She just puts them in under a layer of her own hair.

You can get extensions in synthetic or real human hair. Clip on extensions are easy to do yourself. You know they are secure enough if you can brush your hair without them coming out.

If you are looking for something more permanent, you definitely need to see a professional. Of course, it is a more expensive way to go, but they last a long time. A stylist will glue in the extensions for you, so they grow out with your hair.


I want to get extensions before going on a cruise this summer. I have never had them before. Does anyone have any input on how to get good extensions?


When it comes to precision cuts, spend the extra money and go to a good full service salon. I get my hair cut, colored, and styled every few months. I have been through too many hair dressers trying to find someone who is worth the price.

I live in a town with lots of stylists, but not a lot of talent. If you can find someone who understands your wants and build a good rapport, you will be consistently happy with your hair.

Try a full service salon. The last town I lived in had a wonderful full service salon. I always walked out of there looking and feeling great. It is worth the price to get good, quality service. I have had my hair butchered too many times. If you can find a stylist you like, stay with them if you can!

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