What Are the Different Types of Sales Account Executive Jobs?

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Sales account executive jobs include those in sales, marketing, and advertising. Often found in management roles, these professionals can also work in IT departments and client services in a variety of industries, including promotions and insurance. Additional opportunities exist for sales professionals in public relations and product development.

Companies of all sizes depend on account executives to build and manage relationships with both internal and external customers. Traditionally, sales executives have a hand in attracting new clients, promoting products and services, and managing an organization’s public image. The actual title or name of the position, whether it is account executive or sales department manager, for instance, depends on the company.

Typically, sales account executive jobs are primarily found in sales departments. Professionals working in a sales capacity oversee assigned territories and work to develop a solid client base. They also help identify trends in the marketplace, and work with product development professionals to deliver the desired products and services to customers.

Careers in marketing represent another possibility for those seeking sales account executive jobs. Marketing professionals conduct market research and work to identify new markets for a company’s products. Typically, related job duties include implementing pricing strategies and monitoring trends.


Performing functions closely related to marketing, advertising departments provide additional opportunities for those looking for sales account executive jobs. Advertising professionals put together advertising campaigns and work with marketing and sales managers to ensure campaigns are targeted and successful. In addition, they work closely with creative directors and media professionals to develop advertisements for a variety of mediums, such as radio, television, print, and online outlets.

Other options exist for those looking for sales account executive jobs. Possibilities include employment as an IT manager or sales representative, and positions focused on servicing clients. Jobs in client services span several industries, including financial services, real estate, insurance, and promotional products. Employees in client services focus on overseeing and updating client accounts as well as processing changes.

The field of public relations provides a natural fit for those searching for sales account executive jobs. While not specifically labeled as sales professionals, individuals within the field must be able to work with other employees in product development and marketing to help meet the needs of each client. Typically, they put together press releases, organize events, and work with clients to develop a positive company image. All of these responsibilities are an essential part of managing a client’s portfolio or supporting an internal public relations department.


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