What Are the Different Types of RV Accessories?

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Recreational vehicle (RV) accessories are items that can add style, function and performance to the vehicle's interior as well as the exterior and surrounding areas. From a new microwave oven to a generator or outdoor furniture, RV accessories come in many different styles and uses. Common items purchased by RV owners are those for cooking and grilling, as well as sleeping and entertainment accessories, from horseshoe pits to bicycle totes and carriers. Popular RV accessories in the form of awnings and shades provide a comfortable area that promotes outdoor relaxation and dining without the heat and glare of the hot summer sun. Some campers and travelers also take advantage of screened panels that attach to the awning to provide insect-free nighttime activities outdoors.

The modern recreational vehicle comes equipped with many of the amenities found in the family home. Bathrooms, complete with running water and showers, kitchens and entertainment centers, provide a comfortable traveling and camping experience. Many owners of these vehicles use RV accessories to not only personalize their vehicles, but to gain additional comfort and performance from an already well-equipped platform. Free-flowing exhaust systems free up some restricted horsepower and add a little more fuel mileage to every tank. High-output, roof-mount air conditioning units provide additional comfort in the heat of summer while traveling or sitting still.


In order to enjoy as much of the outdoors as possible, RV accessories in the form of picnic tables and lawn chairs fold up for convenient storage while traveling, yet provide additional area outside in which to enjoy dining and lounging around a campfire. Small burn pits manufactured from steel plates with a mesh cover are among RV accessories that add a level of peace as people relax around the contained fire. Quiet operating generators and electric lighting under the awning are two RV accessories that allow campers to play cards or simply converse while seeing each other in the dead of night.

Some RV owners choose to install one of the RV accessories to the chassis of their vehicles: a leveling kit. This type of kit places hydraulic rams underneath the RV and allows the operator to adjust the stance of the parked vehicle to a level status. These RV accessories are available for most styles of RV and are commonly installed by the dealer and have a warranty.


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