What are the Different Types of Round-Toe Shoes?

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Round-toe shoes have a slightly rounded front and are designed in many styles, including high-heeled shoes, athletic shoes, and baby shoes. Round-toe shoes are also made from various fabrics and materials, such as canvas, which may be used for casual or everyday wear. Leather and suede shoes may also be made in a round-toe design. Orthopedic shoes may be recommended for individuals with foot problems. Round-toe shoes are made for men, women, infants, and children.

A common style of round-toe shoes for women are called pump shoes. These are typically worn for dress wear and are made with high heels. Pumps are commonly made of leather or patent leather, and occasionally suede. Women often wear pump style shoes with a dress or skirt, although many choose to wear pumps with dress slacks, especially for work.

Slip-on shoes are commonly made for men, women, and children. The slip-on varieties do not have shoelaces, although some are made with Velcro® fasteners. Some of the fasteners included with round-toe, slip-on shoes are hook-and-loop style.

A style of round-toe shoes first introduced around the late 1950s or early 1960s are known as penny loafers. These shoes are typically made of leather and are the slip-on variety. Penny loafers are made with a small slot that is meant to hold a penny or other coin.


Indian moccasins look similar in appearance to penny loafers, although they are generally made of a soft suede material with a hard sole, and do not include a coin slot. Genuine handcrafted Indian moccasins typically feature intricate bead work. All moccasins are made with a rounded toe and are created for men, women, and children.

Many individuals who work in the construction or food industry must wear slip-resistant work shoes or boots. Some round-toe shoes or boots may also have steel toe reinforcement. Some are made with an extra wide round toe for comfort.

A popular style of shoes for little girls are known as Mary Jane shoes. These are round-toe and typically made from leather or patent leather. Mary Jane shoes also feature an ankle strap closure, some with a buckle, button, or bow. Although more commonly worn by young girls, there are styles for women as well.

Casual round-toe shoes for girls and women include ballet style flats. As the name suggests, these shoes have a flat sole and are easy to slip on. These shoes resemble the commonly worn ballet slippers or shoes that dancers wear.

Round-toe sandals may be designed with an open or closed toe and are made for casual wear in warm or moderate weather. Sandals for men, women, and children are most commonly made from leather. Most are flat-soled shoes, although some sandals are made with a heel.


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Post 3

Ballet slippers are not the same as pointe shoes.

Post 2

@ocelot60- I was very happy when round-toe shoes came back into fashion, because the pointy-toe shoes that have been in style for a long time cause me to have a lot of toe pain. Unlike shoes with pointy toes, round-toe shoes give you the space and comfort you need to be active and stylish at the same time.

If you haven't worn round-toe shoes in a long time, I think you should give them a try. Not only are they attractive, but today's styles often come with extra cushioning in the toe area for added comfort.

In addition, I think you will find that having the rounded space for your toes will cause less foot and toe discomfort than the traditional pointy styles that have the tendency to cram your feet into a tight space. This is a good feature for people who work on their feet or walk a lot throughout the day.

Post 1

I have been thinking about buying a pair of round-toe shoes to wear at work, but I am on my feet a lot and am also prone to foot pain. Does anyone have experience wearing this type of shoe for extended periods of time, and if so, are they comfortable?

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