What are the Different Types of Root Touch up?

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There are several types of temporary and permanent root touch up hair coloring products, including permanent hair color cream and several wet and dry products that provide temporary hair color. Permanent hair dye can be applied to the roots with a brush or sponge and cannot be washed out. Temporary touch up products include a color pen, a thick stick and a liquid color. All of these products help keep hair looking its best between coloring treatments.

The most common method of touching up the roots is to use a thin brush or a small sponge applicator and apply permanent hair color cream only to the roots of the hair. These brushes and sponges usually are included in home coloring kits. The root coloring process is the same as when dying all of a person’s hair with a chemical-based hair dye, and manufacturer’s directions should be followed exactly.

A root touch up color pen is a hand-held applicator with hair dye in the tube and a brush-tipped or sponge-tipped end. It usually is filled with hair dye and can be brushed onto the roots of dry hair to conceal regrowth. This is typically only a temporary color that will last until the next shampoo. These pens also can be used to cover gray hair and to create highlights.


Similar to mascara, a touch up wand comes in a tube with a brush. The wand is used to brush color onto dry hair to coat the roots so that they will match the rest of the hair. This product should be applied onto any roots that are showing after hair is dried and styled. Typically, it is used along the temples and on each side of a part in the hair. This product can also typically be used as an eyebrow filler and on beards and mustaches.

The root touch up stick is similar to a thick crayon and will color gray hair and roots temporarily until the next shampoo. The stick is geared toward covering new regrowth that is close to the scalp. It should be applied to the scalp, at the part, around the temples and anywhere else that hair color needs to be touched up.

There also is a liquid hair color system similar to the stick and the wand, but which uses a small pot that holds the liquid dye and an applicator that has a long handle and a small brush tip. This temporary dye is brushed onto the roots of dry hair and is designed to withstand flaking.


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Post 5

I am currently using a touch up crayon to touch up my gray regrowth between coloring. Do I have to wash this crayon out of my hair before using the permanent hair color or can I color right over it? I can't find an answer anywhere.

Post 4

@earlyforest -- I can't help you out with the Clairol natural instincts color, but I've used Clairol hydrience haircolor for sime time, and always been very pleased with it.

I would say that you should probably buy the touch up from the same company that you buy the hair dye from though, since that way you'll be able to color match better.

There's nothing worse than taking a wild guess about what hair color touch up you need and then mismatching it and going around with an off-color touch up job.

Personally, I think that's even worse than having no touch up at all -- though both are pretty bad, at least you can cut the no touch up person some slack, since they might be growing out their dye job or something.

But a poorly matched touch up, there's really no excuse for that.

Post 3

What brand of touch up do you fellow wisegeekers use? I've been using Loreal hair color, but I've heard some really good things about Clairol natural instincts color -- have any of you used it? Should I give it a shot, or stick with my good old Loreal?

Or does it even matter -- where do you guys come down on the hair dye brand issue?

Post 2

Whichever of the many brands of hair colours you use, you're going to have to do touch ups in between.

And please, for the sake of society, don't skip on these. I don't say this out of any particular desire for people to buy hair coloring, but just as a public service announcement. Nobody likes to see skunky looking hair.

Besides, it just goes against your natural instincts to let your hair go without a touch up -- there's a reason you dyed in the first place, so be sure you go the full mile and don't get skimpy on your touch ups.

Not only do they make you look nicer, it's simply a more professional and classic look. Not to mention the pride and sense of well-being that a good touch up can give you!

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