What Are the Different Types of Rooster Decor?

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Rooster decor can be found for any room in a house, but this type of decoration is most popular in kitchen and dining settings. The many types of rooster decorations often focus primarily on items used only in these rooms. In addition to kitchen and dining rooster decor, there are also outdoor rooster items and purely decorative wall hangings. Rooster textiles can be used to cover any item, creating many different possibilities for rooster-themed decorations.

Some of the most common types of rooster decor are kitchen items. These might include pots and pans, rags, or counter-top items. In the dining room, table settings and dishware might bear rooster designs. Rooster ceramics come in many different styles, some bearing a rooster design that is painted and others in the shape of a rooster. Napkins, tablecloths, and other fabric items may also be styled with rooster designs.

Rooster bedding is less common than kitchen items, but can still be found, particularly in the form of handmade rooster quilts. Alarm clocks and other items that play on the rooster's traditional morning cry are very popular. Upholstery textiles can be used to make rooster furniture, but typically rooster decor is more subdued. On the other hand, rugs bearing this animal are very common, as are wall decorations in this design.


In many cases, items that include roosters also include other images of farm life, such as fences or other animals. In some traditions, such as Portuguese rooster decor, highly stylized depictions of roosters may be part of the decorative style. Chinese rooster decor, on the other hand, frequently bears a relation to the zodiac or traditional Chinese artistic representations of roosters.

Rooster decor is available in many different colors and styles, although many of these items fit in with country decor. Some subtle items may feature roosters but not focus on roosters exclusively. For example, a lamp might bear cutout roosters without being dominated by rooster imagery. The types of decor that feature roosters are quite broad, and looking into items not explicitly billed as rooster decorations can yield highly interesting decorative finds.

Other types of rooster decor include weather vanes, hanging lights, and mailboxes. Outdoor items are often made of metal in order to be more durable and may bear only the silhouette of a rooster. Purely decorative tabletop items may take the form of rooster statuettes. Garden decorations are also popular, as are flags and windsocks. Depending on the location of the home, roosters may also be used to decorate chicken coops and other outdoor fixtures in rural homes.


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