What are the Different Types of Rock Climbing Workouts?

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The best rock climbing workouts are done while climbing; the regular motions of rock climbing are great for strengthening and toning the muscles most commonly used during the sport, so to build strength, the best rock climbing workouts are generally simply trips to the rock climbing gym or local climbing area. When one cannot climb, other workouts that strengthen the forearms, biceps, chest, upper back and shoulders, and legs are all beneficial, though perhaps the most important rock climbing workouts are core workouts, in which the muscles responsible for supporting the spine are strengthened and toned.

Core workouts help support the spine, which will in turn improve posture and balance. The best rock climbers are not necessarily exceptionally strong. Instead, their bodies are well-balanced and strengthened in relation to their weight. Core workouts can help improve balance as well as mobility, thereby allowing the climber to stretch properly, move smoothly, and support the body throughout intense motions. A local gym or fitness center may offer core workout sessions, or a professional trainer can outline a series of core workout exercises that would work well as rock climbing workouts.


Some of the best rock climbing workouts that will produce immediate results are forearm workouts. Many climbers notice that their forearms tend to tire quickly during rock climbing, and once the forearms are exhausted, it is difficult to continue climbing. A forearm workout can strengthen and tone the muscles that tire the quickest; this workout may include flexibility exercises and stretching, as well as weight training exercises with dumbbells or barbells. Wrist curls are a good place to start, as these exercises strengthen the forearms as well as the wrists and hands. It is important to do this exercise properly, as injury can result from improper form. People new to the workout should consult a trainer or other professional for advice on how to properly execute the exercise.

Flexibility is crucial to rock climbing performance, so flexibility rock climbing workouts can go a long way toward improving form. Regular stretching is one of the easiest and quickest ways to improve flexibility, and activities such as yoga can greatly improve flexibility, blood flow, and breathing techniques. Yoga is a great way to help prevent rock climbing injuries as well, and it can help a rock climber recover from past injuries more effectively. Working with resistance bands is another way to improve flexibility as well as strength without a trip to a gym or yoga studio.


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