What are the Different Types of Retro Shoes?

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There numerous different types of retro shoes or what are also referred to as vintage shoes. Retro sneakers and athletic shoes are very popular. Also common are are those retro shoes that are of the era of the pin-up girl, which includes pumps, heels, and platform shoes. Some retro shoes are truly vintage, whereas others are simply vintage-inspired.

Retro sneakers and athletic shoes are another popular type of retro shoe. These so desirable that many name brands have now reintroduced similar-looking shoe lines as those that were popular decades ago. These retro shoe styles have become such a popular fad that there are many online sites that allow customers the opportunity to customize a retro-looking shoe to fit their own personal desires.

Pumps are considered a classic retro shoe. During the time they were originally popular, they were considered a couture item. A popular style of this type of retro shoe is the two-tone patent leather. The most popular colors were those that were highly contrasting, such as blue and white or black and tan. Often these pumps will feature a peep toe. This retro shoe can often be found with a stacked or platform bottom.


There are two basic types of retro shoes, those that are truly vintage in age and those that are vintage inspired. Those that are vintage were made in the time period in which they were in style. Those that are simply vintage inspired are created today, but with the lines and designs favored decades ago. There has a been a resurgence in the popularity of the retro shoe. Those who choose a shoe that is retro inspired often do so because they are afforded a pair of brand new shoes as opposed to ones that may have been previously worn. Also, the newer shoe with the older look will have finer quality leather, as opposed to leather that has aged and is dry and brittle.

Regardless of whether a shoe shopper chooses the true retro shoe or a copy, the retro style for shoes has returned. Men, women, and even children have been hit by the popularity of the older styles, which are seeing a comeback. These retro shoes are often more popular now than they were decades ago, when they originated.


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Post 3

Remember how shoes came in every color imaginable in the 1980s? Back then, you were criticized for being too flashy, or too trendy when you wore them. Today, it seems like everyone has neon-bright shoes in any color you can think of.

Post 2

I can't believe how many different retro style shoes are actually back in style today. Wedges, platforms, Mary Janes, and clear plastic shoes are all recycled styles from years and even decades past.

Post 1

Don't forget the platform shoes of the 1970s. You can't help but think of the disco area when you see throw-backs to these retro shoes in today's shoe market.

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