What Are the Different Types of Resort Jobs?

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A resort is a place designed for recreational purposes or for relaxation. People often go to such places on vacation, and a full staff is often necessary to accommodate these guests. Resort jobs range anywhere from management positions to maintenance personnel, and depending on the type of resort, specialty resort jobs may be available. A ski resort, for example, will need lift operators, ski instructors, and ski patrollers, while casino destinations will require dealers, pit bosses, security personnel, and so on. Most resorts feature one or more hotels, so housekeeping staff will be necessary, as will hospitality staff.

Sometimes resort jobs focus on entertaining guests. Wilderness resorts often feature outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and much more, which means experienced guides are often necessary to lead these trips. A guide will need specific skills and experience in that activity, and more importantly, the guide will need to have first aid certification and experience to be able to handle emergencies should they arise. Ski resorts often hire ski patrollers who are proficient at skiing so they can reach guests on any trail at the ski resort should an emergency situation happen.


Maintaining the hotel is often an intensive process that requires a significant amount of personnel. Resort jobs may include housekeeping, janitorial, and guest services; the latter job requires employees to handle reservations, address customer complaints, organize activities, and much more. Activity planners may be on hand to help keep guests entertained or to plan specific events taking place on the resort grounds. Maintenance crews may be responsible for ensuring a pleasant atmosphere outside the hotel; mowing grass, pruning hedges, planting flowers and trees, and generally maintaining the landscape will often be the job of maintenance workers.

Golf resort jobs may include many of the positions already mentioned, as well as golf-specific positions. A person may, for example, be a golf pro who teaches lessons, organizes leagues and events, and generally manages operations on the course. The clubhouse manager may be responsible for maintaining a kitchen staff and waitstaff, booking events and ensuring they go off without a hitch, and accommodating any other guest needs.

Tour guides are common in some larger resorts. These resort jobs require the employee to have an extensive knowledge of the area and be able to answer guest questions about where to go, what to do, and the history of the place. The specific job functions of a tour guide can vary by resort, but in general, most guides will show guests around the area and highlight interesting or important facts about the place.


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