What Are the Different Types of Replacement Motorcycle Seats?

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The two basic categories of replacement motorcycle seats are custom seats and prefabricated seats. Custom seats are made to order for a customer's specific motorcycle and preferences, while prefabricated seats are made beforehand and may fit a variety of cycle models. A motorcycle manufacturer may also provide replacement motorcycle seats that are exactly the same as the original seat. Custom seats offer the most options, since a rider can have the seat made in any style, color, and shape. Prefabricated seats can offer some different options as well, though a customer will be limited by the offerings of a particular store or manufacturer.

Some replacement motorcycle seats feature added conveniences that the old seat may not have had. Storage underneath the seat, for example, is common on many motorcycles, though others simply flip up so one can gain access to the motorcycle's battery. A replacement seat might feature additional storage space, as well as a key lock to ensure items stowed underneath the seat are safe. The underside of the seat may also feature a helmet hook that will allow a person to leave the helmet on the bike, locked securely, without having to fear that the helmet may get stolen.


While many stock seats are made of leather or materials meant to mimic the look of leather, some replacement motorcycle seats are made of synthetic materials that are rugged and durable. These seats will resist water damage and will dry out quickly should the motorcycle get rained on. A rider who will be riding through inclement weather or off-road may want to consider replacement motorcycle seats made from synthetic materials for the waterproof qualities and the durability.

One of the biggest draws of purchasing replacement motorcycle seats is enhanced comfort. Stock motorcycle seats can be quite comfortable, though the stock seat will not be made with a specific rider in mind. It will be designed to be as comfortable as possible for as many riders as possible, which means it may or may not be comfortable for the person actually riding the bike. Replacement seats can feature scooped or ergonomic designs, or other designs that can enhance the comfort for a particular rider. A custom seat can be further enhanced for the comfort of a specific rider rather than for the most common rider's body. The amount of cushion, the style of the cut, and the materials used can all have an effect on the seat's comfort level.


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