What Are the Different Types of Renewable Energy Internships?

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The more growth that the renewable energy industry experiences globally, the better the conditions are for jobs. Similarly, renewable energy internships can increasingly be found as companies continue to invest in new technologies that make this segment of the energy industry more affordable. Students can select internship programs across different pockets of this sector, including solar power and wind energy.

Government spending may drive the proliferation of renewable energy in a region. When a federal government is offering incentives and grants for developing or using clean energy, it spurs development in this sector. Students seeking to take advantage of these periods of economic growth may be more likely to land renewable energy internships. Profitability also plays into the growth of this industry, and as the technology driving alternative energy becomes increasingly affordable and efficient, companies are more likely to expand.

Solar energy is one segment of the renewable energy industry where internships can be pursued. Students may find that these opportunities are quite competitive as individuals realize the influence that solar power will have in the future. It is quite possible that public and private universities might partner with solar power companies or even local governments to provide renewable energy internships.


The type of work that can be obtained includes the installation of solar panels on rooftops in addition to research and development on the technology driving solar energy. Electricians do not necessarily need to obtain college educations, but college students still might be interested in obtaining the unique skills it requires to keep buildings and residences compatible with solar power. Renewable energy internships may be unearthed in electrical services.

Wind power for electricity is among the fastest-growing segments of renewable energy worldwide. This type of alternative power uses large, individual turbines to harness the wind to generate electricity. It is often used in conjunction with natural gas resources to produce electricity. Wind farms are operations where multiple turbines are installed for maximum power generation. These can be found on land or out in the middle of the ocean.

Renewable energy internships may be found in all facets of wind power production. Mechanical engineers design the technology that make the turbines run, and students might be able to contribute to the research and development element of this task. Interns might also be used on the services side to transport and install the turbines for use. Researchers are used in this industry to study wind patterns, and students majoring in science might be appropriate for these types of renewable energy internships.


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