What Are the Different Types of Renewable Energy Conservation?

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Renewable energy conservation is the process of conserving energy by using energy sources that can be replenished. There are many types of renewable or green energy sources that can be used instead of the sources that have been used traditionally. Solar, water, wind, geothermal, and hydrogen power are all considered renewable because a practically unlimited amount of these resources exist. Other fuel sources, such as coal, oil, and natural gas are not renewable because it takes many millions of years for the earth to produce, and humans use these resources faster than they are created. Participating in renewable energy conservation is done by choosing to use renewable sources of energy instead of sources that are limited.

One of the most common types of renewable energy conservation is the use of wind power. Large windmills have been used for decades to transform the energy of the wind into energy that can be used for electricity. Many power companies partially rely on wind power. Individuals can also install windmills on their homes as a renewable energy source.


Another common type of renewable energy conservation is the use of solar energy. Solar panels use photosensitive materials to collect radiation from the sunlight, which is transformed into energy. In sunny areas, a couple of moderately sized solar panels can often be used to supply all the energy needs of a house. Large solar arrays can be used by power companies as one of their measures to participate in renewable energy conservation.

Geothermal energy has been used in renewable energy conservation for around a hundred years. In these systems, heat from underground is used to move turbines and capture energy. In order to capture this type of energy, large plants are built on top of natural sources of heated underground water, usually around volcanoes.

The use of hydropower is another type of renewable energy conservation that has been around for quite some time. Hydroelectric dams can generate energy by controlling the flow of water in rivers. Ocean turbines are also being investigated for their potential to generate energy out of the motion of waves. The use of this type of energy would allow ocean currents to be used as renewable energy sources.

Though it is rarely used, hydrogen power can also be used in renewable energy conservation. These power systems generate energy from hydrogen molecules by forcing a chemical change to occur in water. Hydrogen is an extremely abundant atom, making it a good source of renewable energy.


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