What are the Different Types of Remediation Companies?

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Remediation companies are groups that specialize in providing effective solutions to a number of problems facing a particular section of society. These companies may have a specialty, such as mold or environmental hazards, or they may employ a number of specialists for every need. There are many different types of remediation companies, but most work with the things that concern people on an everyday basis--both the environment at large and the environment on a small scale. Because of this, one of the most popular types of remediation companies deals with environmental remediation.

Environmental remediation companies work to solve the problems of an environment on a large scale. The reduction of pollution, car emissions or other areas in the field of environmental cleanup are of particular interest to them. Companies that do this type of work may have a groundwater remediation specialist on hand to reclaim and revive the natural groundwater of a region, or they may have a land remediation specialist to take care of particular problems involving the soil.

Remediation companies may also specialize in small environments, such as a home or office building. These types of companies may have a mold remediation specialist on hand to clean up and renovate any areas that are plagued with fungus. They may also employ an air quality specialist to ensure that no contaminants, allergens or pollutants are plaguing the dwellers of the building.


The price of services at a remediation company can vary widely, depending upon the services needed. Like many other service-based industries, the company may give an initial estimate that is different from the final cost of the services performed. A problem may be larger or more difficult to remedy than initially thought, or may take more time and resources. A problem that is more extensive than it initially appeared upon first inspection will almost always require a more expensive solution. In hiring a remediation company, people should always inquire up front about a particular company's policies.

One popular misconception is that remediation companies specialize in construction. While some remediation companies may have contractors in their employ, the main goal of a remediation company is to provide a working solution to a problem that can or already is causing harm to people. Some companies work with sites that are going to be developed, and thus need a working knowledge of construction principles, but they often do not perform the construction themselves. The requirements and governing bodies for remediation companies vary by region, so it is best to ask what credentials a company has before agreeing to any type of work.


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