What Are the Different Types of Regional Director Jobs?

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Generally, regional director jobs entail managerial responsibilities for a specific operational area of a business such as marketing, operations, or sales. Usually specific to one segment of a business, regional director jobs may develop strategies to improve and promote products or services. For example, regional marketing director jobs are responsible for overseeing marketing projects that reach niche customers. With regional sales director jobs, duties often include supervising the sales staff responsible for distributing products or services to customers. Duties related to regional operations director jobs may involve executing strategies related to daily operational tasks.

The different types of regional director jobs largely depend on the business in which the positions exist. Most regional director positions are within a multinational company, which has departments or divisions in two or more countries. Other regional director positions could be at a business that has a national presence within one country.

A division or department typically defines the specific tasks and responsibilities of regional director jobs. Generally, a business — whether multi-national or national — could have a marketing, sales, or operational department charged with developing strategies that can improve success. Often, regional directors have the sole responsibility to oversee the implementation of strategic goals.


Typically, a regional director communicates these strategies and progress to staff under her immediate supervision. By providing leadership to staff, she can articulate business goals and objectives related to the assigned department. In most cases, this requires having mission-focused objectives as part of staff performance reviews. Communicating strategies may provide direction to staff on daily tasks required to fulfill business objectives, such as reaching profit goals.

Overseeing the fiscal budget is another aspect of regional director jobs, ensuring the department has adequate resources to implement strategies. As part of budgeting responsibilities, the regional director might approve expenditures allotted to the department. If necessary and related to business goals and objectives, a regional director also submits a proposal to senior management for a budget increase.

Within a marketing division, the regional director often has several duties related to current and prospective customer development. This might require developing a marketing plan for promotional projects to improve the business’s image. Other marketing duties could include developing customer relationships and dealing with public relations issues. Strategies associated with the marketing department may also involve developing ways to increase the customer base.

For the regional sales director, duties may include several tasks related to overseeing sales objectives. Usually, a person in this position supervises the sales representatives within a geographic territory. A regional sales director works to ensure each sales representative can access necessary resources to reach quotas. Additionally, some might train and coach the sales representatives.

Regional operations director jobs might work for a business with multiple locations, overseeing the daily operations at each location. As part of day-to-day activities, some regional operations director duties might intersect with the progress of other departments. For example, some regional operations directors oversee the development of new business, which could impact the marketing department.


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