What are the Different Types of Refrigeration Tools?

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There are many types of refrigeration tools that help ensure the proper functioning of various kinds of refrigeration units; these tools include leak detectors and leak seekers, tube benders, brushes, and cutters, swaging and flaring devices, and charging valves. Each of these implements serves a different function in repairing and maintaining refrigeration equipment. These tools provide valuable assistance in tackling minor repairs and can avoid the necessity of calling in a refrigeration service to handle the job.

Leak detectors and leak seekers serve an important function in the appropriate operation of refrigeration systems. These refrigeration tools sense and seek out the source of leaks within a unit. They are equipped with technology designed to discern various refrigerants that may be leaking during a system's heat cycle. Leak detectors and seekers are typically lightweight and easy to use, fitting into the palm of one hand and providing accurate readings of refrigerant leaks.


The array of tubes that comprise a refrigeration unit may wear down, break, or need to be replaced entirely. In some instances, however, a simple cleaning is all that is necessary to fix a tube, in which case tube brushes are the ideal means of repair. Tube brushes come individually or in kits, in a vast selection of sizes to fit into any tube. When a tube erodes or breaks, more heavy duty refrigeration tools may be required. Tube benders have the capacity to change the direction of rigid tubing and allow refrigerants to flow more freely, while tube cutters can cut through the tubing in order to remove and replace it as the situations warrants.

With the complicated system of pipes and wiring in most refrigeration equipment, it is vital that all the pieces fit together perfectly. If they don't, a leak can result and jeopardize the longevity of the unit. Swaging and flaring tools easily merge wires and pipes, bending and fitting individual pieces together. This type of refrigeration hardware is available in a single-cavity style, which works on just one size of pipe or wire, or a multi-cavity style that fits various sizes.

When a valve breaks, having a charging valve on hand can save a lot of time and headache. These refrigeration tools are model-specific and can be utilized when an old valve stops functioning. By attaching the charging valve in place of the broken one, a refrigeration system can stay up and running until a permanent replacement valve is acquired.


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