What Are the Different Types of Red Cross Internships?

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Red Cross internships cover a broad range of interests, including marketing, recruiting, fundraising, and assisting at disasters. Available internships change annually, based on needs each year. Red Cross internships include paid and non-paid opportunities, which might be part-time or full-time. Summer internships are also available in some areas. Most Red Cross internships seek college students or graduates who want to gain work experience in a nonprofit organization.

International Red Cross internships offer volunteer opportunities when a disaster strikes anywhere in the world. These volunteers might assist with recovery efforts by identifying people who need help and referring them to the proper resources. Some interns interview victims of disaster and keep records noting assistance they require. International interns must be able to travel without warning and work with people of different backgrounds. Red Cross internships in disaster areas might be paid or unpaid, depending on the job performed.

One paid, full-time internship also involves international travel. The Red Cross typically seeks people to educate the public in foreign countries about its services and mission. The intern might identify the resources available abroad to augment services offered by the Red Cross. Red Cross internships in this area typically require speaking a foreign language to successfully promote the organization.


Opportunities are commonly available in fundraising efforts of the non-profit organization. Interns might participate in a particular annual event or general fundraising goals. College students interested in nonprofit work might benefit from this volunteer opportunity. Flexible schedules typically allow a student to work around college courses, and he or she might earn college credit for his or her service.

Recruiting and retaining volunteers represents a routine goal of the Red Cross, and internships are often available in this area. Interns might prepare and give presentations to community groups to attract volunteers and educate the public about functions of the organization. Other interns might work to manage and supervise volunteers, train other interns, or manage the number of volunteers who can respond to disasters.

Sales, marketing, and communications describe additional Red Cross internships filled by paid and unpaid workers. These interns might work closely with the media to promote the organization or provide information during a disaster. They might also design and distribute marketing information in video and print formats. Sales internships might include selling first aid kits and training people in the community to prepare for an unforeseen disaster.

The Red Cross foster grandparent program typically seeks interns to promote it. This program matches senior citizens with at-risk children or children with special needs. Grant writing requires researching public, private, and corporate sources of funding. This program might also need volunteers to help with Web design and online marketing. Social media knowledge and experience might be required for these Red Cross internships.


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