What are the Different Types of Recognition Plaques?

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Recognition plaques are a staple in the corporate world, frequently given to employees for a job well done or a certain number of years with the company. For instance, if someone completes a certain project that earns the company a great deal of money, a recognition plaque may be given to the employee in addition to a bonus check or some other sort of incentive. The fact that the employee was positively recognized will then go into his or her personnel file, and the employee may display the plaque in her office.

Another one of the most common types of recognition plaques is for "Employees of the Month." Many businesses both large and small feature employee of the month designations, and they may give a plaque to the employee who has done the best job at work that month, or who has gone above and beyond his or her job requirements. These types of recognition plaques are often presented in a monthly ceremony or monthly meeting. This helps to counter any other information dispensed at the meeting, such as overall areas where improvements need to be made in the business.


A number of years of service with the company may also lead to a recognition plaque. Some companies give these out at ten or twenty years, for example, to honor their employees who have devoted a great deal of time to making the company better. Employees who are retiring will often receive recognition plaques at a farewell luncheon or dinner, in addition to another gift depending on their years of service. These types of plaques are typically accompanied by monetary recognition as well, though this is not always the case; some companies simply use the plaques to thank their employees in lieu of bonuses.

Recognition plaques are typically wooden, similar to a picture frame, with either a stand or a mounting bracket in order to place it on the wall. They often have a polished metal plate on the front, engraved with the employee's name, the type of recognition, and the date. They may be available in bronze, silver, or gold finish to offer awards to employees for different levels of achievement, for example. These are also commonly used in schools, such as for children who earned recognition in an honors program. Another option is glass recognition plaques, which are more simply designed; these are most commonly displayed on a desk.


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