What Are the Different Types of Raw Building Materials?

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Raw building materials refer to the basic materials that are used in the construction process, usually still in their natural forms. The building or construction process is material and labor intensive, requiring the application of numerous building materials, both in the raw and somewhat processed forms. Some of the raw building materials include the wood material that is utilized in the building process, rocks, ice, sand, mud and limestone and thatch.

One of the most basic and earliest forms of raw building materials is wood derivatives, meaning the various logs and pieces of wood that are derived from trees. Indeed, homes can be constructed using some form of durable wood as the chief construction material. In order to utilize this particular raw building material, the specific type of wood would have to be selected and cut into the desired form in line with the design of the builder. Bamboos are also used in the building process in the sense that they are still utilized to construct temporary scaffolding and also serve other purposes during construction processes. Even though wood is one of the more basic building materials, it does have some drawbacks that include the fact that it does not last as long as other raw building materials, it is susceptible to termite and other insect attacks, and it poses a higher fire risk than other materials.


Another category of raw building materials include rocks, which are basically stacked together and bonded by some form of binding agent. Even though it may not seem like a palatable idea to those in warmer climates, ice is another source of raw building materials that is mostly utilized by people in very cold regions, such as the North Pole, to construct some form of habitat. An example of this type of dwelling is usually referred to as an igloo and is built according to the specifications of the builders. Some people use clay or other forms of earth material like mud or some variation of the mixture of the two different types of materials to construct buildings, which may be roofed by the application of thatch — a plant-based material that resembles palm fronds. The techniques for building such mud homes are unique to the builders, and some slight variations may exist among different cultures, but the outcome is usually a sort of dwelling that is naturally regulated in terms of temperature.


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Post 4

I have a relative that build a cabin on his property using wooden logs. This raw building material provides a beautiful rustic look that is great for people who love spending time in nature.

Post 3

@rainbow- You have several options when shopping for rock and stone that are the type used as raw building materials.

One of the most convenient places to search for rock for your walkway is at your local home improvement store. The prices in these stores are usually affordable, though the selection may be limited.

If you have a landscape supply shop in your area, this is also a good place to look for a wide selection of rock and stone that can be used as building materials. Since this is also a specialty shop, the selection is probably going to be good, too.

Rock quarries are also good places to look for rock for building. It's best to call ahead to this type of business to see what their policy is for selling rock materials to individual customers.

Post 2

@rundocuri- I like the idea of using natural stone when building a house too. I want to create a stone walkway leading to my front door, so I'm wondering where you recommend finding the type of stone that I can use for this project?

Post 1

I used natural rocks to build a retaining wall around my driveway. I think that this raw building material adds a touch of class and earthiness to the exterior of any type of home, whether it has classic or contemporary architecture.

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