What Are the Different Types of Raspberry Cocktails?

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Fruit-infused raspberry cocktails are popular beverages for many social occasions. Combined with the alcohol of choice, whole, pureed or pre-packaged fruit products, as well as raspberry-flavored liqueurs, can make an ordinary drink more festive. Spirits typically used to make cocktails with raspberries include distilled alcohols like vodka or rum, and fermented beverages like tequila or wines and champagne. Despite these preferences, almost any kind of alcoholic beverage will yield a tasteful berry drink.

Vodka and raspberry cocktails are among the most popular alcoholic beverages. To make these drinks, home or professional bartenders might use either plain vodka or flavored vodka already infused with the taste of raspberries. The harmonious way that vodka melds with many kinds of flavors makes it an excellent option for drinks with diverse ingredients. For instance, the chic Raspberry Rascal club cocktail boasts the perfect blend of ripe berries, intense citrus extracts, and alcohol. Another example is the Raspberry Jello Spritzer, which features vodka, raspberry liqueur, and gelatin mixed with a soft drink like Sprite.


Like vodka, plain or flavored rum is a common ingredient in raspberry cocktails like the familiar and popular Raspberry Mojito. Berries and Cream features spiced rum, raspberries, and heavy cream. To lighten the drink up a little, some mixologists might include some Wildberry Schnapps and some additional fresh berries. The Coco Berry is another unusual rum and raspberry drink. Typically served ice-cold in shallow yet broad stemware, this drink contains raspberries, raspberry liqueur, and White Creme de Cacao with a generous portion of white rum.

Tequila has a reputation for being an excellent complement for fruits and berries. Placing a twist on the traditional version, the Raspberry Margarita has an intense flavor due to ample portions of tequila Blanco, berries, and agave nectar. Another example of tequila with raspberries is the Long Island Raspberry Iced Tea, which features raspberry liqueur, cola, and a blend of tequila, rum, and vodka. For an unusual take on raspberry cocktails, the Raspberry Resort offers a diverse blend of silver tequila and fresh berries combined with rock candy syrup, lime, and ginger ale.

Fermented juice drinks like wines and champagnes also blend well with the flavor of raspberries. Berry wines and some specialty champagnes already taste like fruit, but with a few added ingredients, they can transition into raspberry cocktails. The Raspberry Sparkler contains lime juice and syrup in addition to tequila and fresh raspberries for garnish. Champagne and cream blended with raspberries, strawberries, and apple juice makes an elegant evening cocktail for those who prefer smooth and creamy types of drinks.


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