What Are the Different Types of Rapid Staplers?

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Isaberg Rapid is a tool manufacturer founded in Sweden in 1936 by Ollie Westlund. The company develops a range of desktop staplers, home improvement tools, glue guns, and insert staplers for electrical devices such as photocopiers. There are a variety of different Rapid staplers designed specifically for office, hobby, and construction use. Along with the standard-design desktop stapler, the company is also renowned for their heavy-duty hammer staplers, hot air guns, and pneumatic tackers.

In regard to the available Rapid staplers for use in the home office and workplace, the company range covers standard 10-sheet staplers through to medium-duty book staplers. In addition to these desktop staplers, Isaberg Rapid also manufactures electrical insert staplers, which are distributed under a subsidiary arm of the company, Rapid Inside Solutions. An electrical insert stapler is a page-fastening device that can be installed in an office photocopier or an industrial printer and can automatically staple up to 80 pages of 80 gram per square meter (GSM) paper in different staple positions depending on the configuration. Some models of electrical insert Rapid staplers can also be supplied with an offline mode whereby the stapler can be manually operated via a trigger mechanism.


The range of Rapid staplers produced by the company also cover home hobbyist and construction tools, which include manual and electrically powered tacker guns along with hammer staplers. Manual tackers are handheld staplers that are available in different strengths depending on the required application. The smaller manual tackers are aimed at the hobbyist market and are suitable for affixing posters, general decorative applications, and reupholstering of soft furnishings. Larger, heavy-duty manual tackers and the electrically powered tack guns are used more commonly in construction applications for hanging heavy canvasses and affixing cable trays and conduits among other general uses.

As one of the construction-specific variants of Rapid staplers, hammer staplers are also available in a range of light-duty through to heavy-duty tools. As the name would suggest, hammer staplers operate through impact to the stapling head and are handled in a similar way to a traditional hammer. Due to the way in which these tools are used, there are only minor uses for them in the home or office, such as hanging posters. The hammer stapler is more commonly used in construction or do it yourself (DIY) operations, where the heavy-duty versions of the tool can be used to fix carpets, insulation board, and other heavy-grade materials.


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