What are the Different Types of Radio Earpieces?

Keith Koons

There are many different types of radio earpieces available for consumers. Despite the actual name, this technology has evolved far from the traditional headphones that became popular for listening to music back in the 1980s. Newer innovations have allowed radio earpieces that use wireless technology to transmit audio in real time, and many of them are also capable of sending radio signals back to the source as well. Radio earpieces are used by everyone from security personnel and government agents to college students and responsible drivers, with each of them benefiting from comfort, privacy, and enhanced clarity.

Radio earpieces often incorporate noise dampening technology and volume control on the headset itself.
Radio earpieces often incorporate noise dampening technology and volume control on the headset itself.

The most common types of radio earpieces are better known as headphones, and despite being around for awhile they still have several advantages over the competition. Users who prefer these models may benefit from having sound in both ears and reducing other noises around them, making it a perfect choice for an office or clerical setting. Many libraries and schools require consumers to use traditional headphones or other earpieces when listening to audio to avoid disturbing other patrons. Since they easily connect to a radio, computer, or other electronic devices, these types of radio earpieces are still a very popular choice.

Another type of radio earpiece was originally used by security forces to receive information from a discreet ear bud that was not visible to others around them. This technology has become very popular with consumers. A one-way transmitter allows users to listen to electronic devices without blocking out noise from around them, often making it much safer for consumers to use within industrial settings or anywhere that machinery is involved. The downside to these types of radio earpieces is that a separate receiver is necessary to respond to any audio received, so it is somewhat limited in overall usefulness.

One of the latest innovations within radio earpieces works as a two-way device, allowing the user to talk and hear from the same object without using the hands. Bluetooth® headsets have the ability to both send and receive information wirelessly, which is a benefit to consumers while working, exercising, or operating a motor vehicle. These types of radio earpieces also normally incorporate noise dampening technology and volume control right on the headset itself. In fact, the technology has become so popular that it is used in MP3 players, cellular phones, televisions, and even automobiles so that similar electronic items can communicate back and forth to remain in sync.

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