What are the Different Types of Quadriceps Exercises?

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The quadriceps are the large muscles on the tops of the thighs. Some of the most common quadriceps exercises are squats and lunges. Another good quadriceps exercise is a seated leg extension. Step ups and sprints are two other quality quadriceps exercises that many individuals choose to practice. Using a sled can also be a good workout for the quads.

Quadriceps exercises are an important part of any balanced workout routine. Many athletes utilize quadriceps exercises because these muscles are some of the most important in many athletic events. Athletes need strong quadriceps muscles in order to be able to run and jump quickly. There are many different quadriceps exercises that an individual could choose to build up these muscles.

One of the most common exercises for the quadriceps is squats. An individual can perform front or back squats to work the quadriceps muscles in a different way. With this exercise, an individual will get a barbell and hold it over the shoulders or in front of the neck. At that point, the lifter will squat down and come back up.

Lunges are another good exercise that can really benefit the quadriceps. With this type of exercise, individuals can use a barbell or dumbbells. The weights are held by the lifter and then he or she will step forward with one leg at a time. This can be done by walking across the room or by lunging forward and then stepping back.


If working out in a gym or with home equipment, an individual can use a seated leg extension machine. With this machine, an individual can sit down and put his or her legs under a bar. Then the lifter will straighten the legs, lifting up the weight and working the quadriceps.

Performing step ups with dumbbells is another good exercise for the quadriceps. This can be done by stepping up onto a bench or a stair. This should be done by alternating both legs into the exercise.

Sprinting is another exercise that can provide substantial benefits for the quadriceps. Many people do not sprint unless training for an athletic event, but it can provide numerous health benefits. It can develop the quadriceps and other muscles in the body as well as help burn fat.

In some cases, an individual may choose to utilize a sled press. In this exercise, the person reclines on an incline board with one or both feet on a bottom plate. He then bends the knee to lower himself toward his feet, before straightening the leg again to push the body away. Weights may be used for an additional benefit.


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