What Are the Different Types of Promotional Apparel?

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Hats, hooded sweatshirts, and t-shirts are all different types of promotional apparel. In addition, some companies give away baby clothing or cooking aprons. What item a business gives away as part of a promotional campaign generally depends on the business; for example, a baby clothing boutique will probably give away baby items rather than items meant for adults. The popularity of these apparel items vary, but t-shirts tend to be more widely accepted than items a person may not need, like children’s clothing or cooking apparel.

Promotional hats are usually baseball caps, which are fitted caps with a brim to protect the wearer’s eyes from the sun. These caps often have the logo or at least adopted colors of a sports team or alcoholic beverage, but many other companies use baseball caps as promotional tools. Baseball caps in general are considered casual wear, and are usually removed when indoors. They can be seen sported by all genders, but are particularly popular among men.

Also known as a hoodie, a hooded sweatshirt is another piece of promotional apparel often offered by sports teams. They are also used to promote numerous other hobbies, businesses, and even websites. The fabric of a hooded sweatshirt is traditionally made of thick cotton, and the garment is somewhat baggier than most outerwear. As far as promotional apparel goes, hooded sweatshirts are usually among the most expensive to order custom.

T-shirts are some of the most popular items used for promotional advertising. In fact, many promotional t-shirts are designed with an in-joke that only people that visit the advertised website or business would understand. This type of promotional apparel is widely sold or given away at sporting events, music concerts, and theme parks.

Baby clothing is another type of promotional apparel, but is it not used often. The clothing is often a one-piece with the logo or advertisement on the chest. Sometimes it is only a t-shirt similar to that of an adult’s. There are a lot of different infant clothing sizes, and even if a business happens to be giving away clothing in the correct size, that piece of promotional apparel likely will not fit the child two months from then. In short, the advertising potential is brief, and then the clothing is donated, thrown away, or recycled.

Kitchen or grilling aprons are another type of promotional apparel. These items usually have the business’s logo on a corner of the upper chest. Restaurants and companies that sell kitchen products or promote outdoor activities might have promotional giveaways with these items.

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