What Are the Different Types of Projection Lamps?

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A projection lamp can create images on the walls and ceiling of a dark room, and often is popular among children, though adults also may find a use for this product. Revolving projector lamps usually slowly spin around while projecting images, which can keep the scenes interesting to viewers. Lamps that do not rotate also can prevent boredom by changing the colors or images that are projected. Some lamps specialize in projecting stars, which can be both educational and decorative for rooms.

One of the most common types of projection lamps is the kind that revolves while projecting images onto the walls and ceiling. Most revolving projector lamps feature shapes drawn or cut into the shade so that, as it rotates, so do the projected images. Such lamps often are meant to soothe babies and kids to sleep, because they can be calming to watch, especially when they are set to music as some lamps are. Revolving projection lamps usually include various themes, such as stars, hearts or animals, so it often is possible to find one that fits nearly any room’s decor. This can make it both functional and decorative.


Some projection lamps do not revolve, but the images they project also may not be completely stationary. For example, they may flash on and off, change color, or gradually change into other images entirely so those watching do not become bored. Such projection lamps often are known as effective nightlights, because they provide a small amount of illumination in a dark room. Aside from acting as a nightlight, this kind of projection lamp often is used as a decoration for a home, because projecting different images and colors onto walls and ceilings may help create a particular atmosphere. For instance, a lamp that projects hearts may create a romantic look for a room, while one that simply projects a variety of flashing colors may add to a party environment.

Among the most popular types of projection lamps is the planetarium projector, which throws images of stars, planets and entire constellations onto the walls and ceiling. Such projectors often strive to be accurate to teach viewers about the sky, though some people merely use this kind of projector as a nightlight. Like the other options, this kind of projector may come with music and also might offer a switch that allows users to see other images aside from stars. Some come with narration, providing information about the night sky so users can become educated on this topic while using the projector.


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