What Are the Different Types of Production Companies?

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A production company is a business that helps to financially produce a film, an event, or a work of music. There are many different types of production companies and they range in size. Some production companies simply book artists to be part of a live event, but most are responsible for providing artists with financial funds to produce their works. Film, music, and event production companies are three of the most common types.

Film production companies are responsible for producing various types of films, including TV shows, movies, short films, and more. These types must be licensed in order to legally operate, and licensing laws vary from state to state within the United States. If a film production company does not produce a successful film within its first couple years of operation, it will usually go broke, so advertising is a key for those companies that want to have staying power in the industry. One of the best ways to get the name of the company out is to both attend and participate in local and national film festivals.


Sometimes a production company is referred to as an umbrella organization, which is especially true for companies that produce music. Within a music production company are usually found licensing, song production, and even artist development companies. All of these companies work together to effectively turn a music product, such as a song, into something that is commercially viable. Many times, the musical products that are produced are used by other types of production companies. For example, a film production company will many times use music that is produced by music production companies in its films.

A music production company usually works with a number of studios, artists, music writers, producers, and more, and is usually involved from the beginning steps of the process. One of the most important tasks that these companies are responsible for is copywriting new songs, as well as taking responsibility of copyrights on songs that already exist. They also help recording artists obtain deals from record companies. In addition, many production companies will provide artists with funding through the utilization of credit cards.

An event production company is responsible for funding and organizing a number of events that range in size. Many times, it will help businesses with product launches, assist in the promotion and production of charity events, and more. These types of companies hire experts that can help any type of entity successfully host an event. Just like all the other types, event production companies can be found on an international basis.


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