What are the Different Types of Procurement Courses?

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Anyone who is interested in a career in purchasing and procurement can select from a wide variety of procurement training courses. Courses can cover numerous topics, including basic purchasing concepts, negotiations, and government contracting. Many procurement courses are offered through trade organizations, and some courses may be offered through colleges or other training facilities.

People who are new to the procurement field may benefit from procurement fundamental courses designed for new buyers. These courses cover the basic concepts and best practices in purchasing and sourcing. Whether the agent is new or experienced, negotiation skills are important in most procurement job responsibilities. A number of training organizations offer courses on effective negotiating.

Many purchasing professionals need a firm understanding of inventory control and supply chain management. Procurement training courses that concentrate on these topic can be helpful. A solid understanding of accounting, finance, and cost-price analysis, especially as they pertain to purchasing, may be critical in some organizations, and training courses are available. Agreements and contracts are integral to most procurement positions, and so purchasing agents may find courses to learn about contracts are useful.

Depending on national standards and regulations, government procurement can be a field that requires specialized training. Global purchasing skills have become increasingly necessary, and some training providers offer procurement courses on this topic. Organizations that are concerned about the environment can have purchasing agents take courses on sustainable and environmentally sound procurement strategies.


Industries may have differing needs, and the procurement professional may wish to take courses that are geared to understanding effective purchasing practices in his field. For example, many procurement courses apply to manufacturing environments, yet retail buyers have some unique concerns and so may elect to take courses in retail buying. People who are primarily responsible for purchasing services may wish to train on this topic.

Another specialized field pertains to project managers. Project managers may need to procure resources in some organizations. For these professionals, a project procurement management course may be helpful.

Training in specific software skills may be helpful. A purchasing agent may desire training on using her organization’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Office software skills training, especially in spreadsheet software, can be valuable.

Purchasing and procurement trade organizations frequently offer programs leading to certifications, which may demonstrate the professional’s knowledge and interest in her chosen profession. The training center may offer courses designed to help students learn the materials for the specific examinations. Many training centers offer online classes and examinations.

Some colleges offer four-year purchasing or procurement degrees, but these may be rare in some nations or regions. In this case, a student may wish to pursue a business administration bachelors or masters degree. She can pursue individual procurement courses either through the college or through other training facilities to round out her education.


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