What Are the Different Types of Private Security Jobs?

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Among the different types of private security jobs are security guards, private investigators and personal security guards, also known as bodyguards. Other types of private security careers include computer security and casino security jobs. Some people work in private security jobs as independent contractors while others work in the industry as employees of a private security contractor.

Security guards are assigned to monitor and protect businesses and personal properties against vandalism or theft. Some may work as armed guards while others may simply work as surveillance providers who monitor a premises and call upon local law enforcement if a breach in security is discovered. While some private security positions in this field require special training and may even require special licensing, many do not.

Another type of private security position is that of a private investigator. Beyond investigating possible criminal activity, investigators are often relied upon to provide protection for high profile clients, conduct background investigations, screen new job applicants and work undercover for retail establishments to monitor and deter theft. While most working in the field do so as an independent contractor, many investigators also find work through private security contractors.


Former law enforcement officers and military personnel often segue into a private security career. Often, these individuals are hired to work as personal security agents who provide protection to celebrities and corporate executives. Usually, this type of private security job requires the specialized skills that those with law enforcement or military training can provide, such as very close attention to detail, an ability to aggressively take charge of dangerous situations and knowing how to physically subdue an individual who may pose a threat to the client being guarded.

Private security positions designed to provide computer security often employ individuals to monitor sensitive data. In some instances, these types of private security jobs may also require security personnel to oversee certain websites to assure the protection of visitors logging onto a particular site. For example, private security jobs may hire an individual to work undercover while posing as a minor online to catch an adult predator hoping to meet a child for illegal activity.

Casinos also feature private security jobs for the purpose of monitoring gaming tables to assure that criminal activities are not taking place. Primarily, this type of job requires video surveillance, but may also include physically visiting gaming areas for the purpose of observing the activities taking place there. Private security positions in this industry require special training to assure that the rules of all games are being followed and to assure that government laws are also being adhered to.


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@heavanet- Though any type of security job poses the risk of confrontation from a suspect, I think that a position in a casino would provide a lot of support from other staff members. The security forces in these types of facility are pretty large, so there is always backup close by. In addition, there are security cameras everywhere so when trouble erupts, many staff members are quickly aware of the problem and able to assist and call the policy when necessary.

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I have a friend who lives in a city that has a large casino. He is thinking about a security job at this facility, but I worry about his safety. Are my concerns legitimate?

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