What Are the Different Types of Preschool Fundraiser Ideas?

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Preschool fundraiser ideas are often quite different than other school fundraisers as the schoolchildren are much too young to really help. Schools must select a fundraiser idea that is both beneficial to the class and plays to the strengths of preschoolers and their parents. A few preschool fundraiser ideas are on-campus events, catalog sales, or online fundraisers. Each of these methods utilizes the preschoolers in a different manner, with parents also having varying levels of involvement. Alternating between the different fundraiser types each year can help parents and preschoolers to stay interested.

On-campus preschool fundraiser ideas require individuals, parents, and students to come to the school to engage in the fundraiser. This idea may work best when other school events are occurring, such as a fall festival, sports tournament, or similar event, which allow for the fundraiser to happen alongside. For example, selling preschooler artwork for a few dollars a picture may work well at an event. Or, a preschool class can hold a tree-planting event that corresponds with a holiday or school cleanup day, where parents donate money for trees and help the preschoolers plant them.


Catalog sales are perhaps the oldest form of school fundraiser ideas, with all grades using this method at some point. With this fundraiser, preschoolers need help from their parents to sell goods or small trinkets to willing buyers. In some cases, the school may hold an event at which the preschoolers can sell the goods to individuals at a marketplace. For example, standing out in front of a large retailer and selling the goods from a catalog may work well. The items themselves are also important as they should be useful and desired by potential buyers.

Online fundraisers are newer types of preschool fundraiser ideas that schools can utilize with current technology. For example, placing a link on the school’s online website regarding the fundraiser can drive sales without the work of setting up events or requiring students to make sales themselves. With online sales, preschool teachers, parents, and other individuals involved can send the link to purchase goods and items to buyers. Sending out e-mails or posting flyers at the school are all ideas that can help drive sales. Partnering with a third-party school fundraiser company can help this process run smoothly and reduce the school’s overhead costs for the event.


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