What are the Different Types of Pore Products?

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There are a number of types of beauty products on the market that are intended to help clean out, refine, and minimize pores. The most common products are cleansers, exfoliants, gels, and masques. All of these products help to keep pores clean and small in different ways.

One of the most common types of pore products is facial cleanser. Nearly any type of facial cleanser can help to clear out the pores, which will also help to keep them small. This is because when pores become filled with excess oil or dirt, they stretch out and become enlarged. Basic cleansers do this job, but there are also cleansers that are formulated specifically to clean and shrink pores.

Exfoliants are powerful pore products. Unlike a basic cleanser that is either a liquid or a foam, an exfoliant scrubs the skin in addition to giving it a basic cleansing. By scrubbing the skin with an exfoliant, the pores are given a deep cleansing that can be more thorough than a cleansing with basic facial cleansers. Abrasive pore products like exfoliants can be very effective at clearing out pores, but can also irritate the skin if they are used too often.


Pore gels are pore products that are used after the face has been cleansed or exfoliated. They are applied to the clean skin and are intended to help keep the pores clear. Pore gel may also help to fight acne and blackheads. It is common for pore products that come in a gel form to be intended for overnight use.

Facial masques are pore products that can be used as frequently as once a week to give the pores a very deep cleansing and refining. In fact, pore masques can often clean the pores more effectively than exfoliants. Many pore masques are made with clay. The masques are applied to the face in a wet state and are allowed to stay on the skin until they dry and even begin to crack. During this drying process, the clay in the pore masque helps to draw oil and dirt out of the pores and into the clay, all of which is washed away with warm water when the process is complete.


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