What Are the Different Types of Porch Rugs?

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Porch rugs can be added to the front porch of a home to make the entrance seem more inviting or to add function to the space, allowing guests to wipe their shoes before entering the home. It is also possible to add porch rugs to enclosed porches to add comfort and style to the space. Two general types of rugs that can be used in such spaces exist: outdoor rugs and indoor rugs. Outdoor rugs are designed to resist water damage, mold, mildew, and moisture build-up. Indoor rugs will not usually feature such water-resistant capabilities.

If the porch is not enclosed, it will be necessary to consider only porch rugs that are intended for outdoor use. Outdoor rugs are often made from synthetic materials that will not only resist moisture damage, but also resist color fading when exposed to direct sunlight regularly. These mats tend to be durable and easily movable; some feature rubber grips on the bottom of the mats so they will not slide around when placed on a porch. Some mats are made entirely from rubber to provide a durable and non-slip surface on which people can stand during inclement weather, particularly snowy conditions.


Enclosed porches are generally suited for more types of porch rugs, since these rugs will not be exposed to as much moisture. Some indoor rugs can even be used in these spaces, though this will depend on the construction of the porch and how well sealed the porch space is from the weather outside and leaks underneath the space. It is generally advisable to put down a waterproof sheet or layer onto the porch floor before installing indoor carpeting in the space. Otherwise, outdoor porch rugs can be used in the space to add comfort and functionality.

Artificial turf is often a common choice for porch rugs because it is generally inexpensive, durable, and comfortable. It may not be the most attractive option, but it will be long-lasting and resistant to water damage. Mold will not grow as quickly or as easily on artificial turf as it will on natural fiber carpets. Some natural fiber porch rugs, however, are exceptionally resistant to water damage, though the consumer is likely to pay more for natural fibers than he or she will pay for synthetic fibers. Jute and sisal are common natural fibers used to create rugs for outdoor spaces, and they can be exceptionally attractive and resistant to damage, but costly.


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