What Are the Different Types of Popcorn Equipment?

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The different kinds of popcorn equipment include both home and commercial poppers as well as all of the accessories required with these machines, including the food products. While compact popcorn popping equipment is typically used for kitchens, commercial options are often a part of many home theaters. Most popcorn poppers are either modern or old fashioned in style. In general, popcorn poppers are either designed to sit on a countertop or be part of a stand or cart.

For example, street vendor styles of popcorn carts usually have two large wheels on one end and legs and a handle on the other. They may have an opening on the roof in which to add the popping corn to a round metal pan. This type of pan is a common type of popcorn equipment often called a kettle. The popped corn overflows from the kettle to fill up the main body of the glass-walled section of the cart. Countertop models and stand types of commercial popcorn poppers, which are like carts without the wheels, usually have this type of glass-walled main section.

Modern poppers tend to feature straight lines and colors such as black. Old-fashioned versions are often red with some curved details. They usually have yellow, antique-looking lettering of the word "Popcorn" included somewhere on the equipment.


Other than the popping corn itself, food products used with popcorn equipment include salt, shake-on seasonings and butter. Pump-style bottles are sold for dispensing melted butter onto popcorn. Boxes, bags or buckets are the different kinds of popcorn equipment used for holding the popcorn. Metal or plastic scoops are accessories sold by most popcorn supply companies for use in scooping the popcorn into containers. Other types of equipment include measuring cups for adding the popcorn for popping into the machines.

Popcorn equipment for home kitchens often differs from equipment used commercially or in residential theaters. The packages of popping corn are usually smaller as are the untensils. Rather than a countertop model of popper, some people prefer to buy the microwavable bags of popcorn. Some of these have different types of seasoning flavors or butter packets to use on the popped popcorn.

There are many different models of home kitchen popcorn poppers designed for countertop use. Some of these are hot air types, while others require oil for the popcorn to pop. Poppers can either include bowls in their design or may need a bowl to be supplied.


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