What Are the Different Types of Pocket Door Hangers?

B. Miller

Pocket door hangers can be a great way to get items off the floor, keep them out of view, and maximize storage space on shelving and in closets. They simply hook over the back of the door, often without needing to install any hardware whatsoever, and provide individual pockets or small shelves on which to place items. Shoe bags are some of the most common types of pocket door hangers, which provide individual plastic or cloth compartments for pairs of shoes. Another common type of door hanger is popular for the bathroom, and provides additional small shelves for storing toiletry items, etc.


Apartments and other small spaces are popular places for people to use pocket door hangers, because they really maximize potential for storing items. Shoe bags are perhaps the most common type of pocket door hangers, which provide individual spaces for pairs of shoes or individual shoes, depending on the size and design. This helps to get shoes off the floor, providing additional storage space in closets, and making rooms look neater and cleaner. It also helps to protect them from becoming damaged, which can happen if they are left out in the open or on the floor to be stepped on, or for pets to get to.

Shoe bags made with plastic compartments are the cheapest version, while those with cloth pockets are slightly more expensive and tend to be a bit more durable and attractive. However, both can function very well, and can often store twenty pairs of shoes or more, keeping them completely out of sight behind a door. Of course, shoe bags are not the only type of pocket door hangers. Some people simply install hooks on the back of the door, and use these as a place to hang longer clothing, such as coats and dresses, in protective garment bags. This can be useful if the only racks or shelves located inside the closet are short.

Other types of pocket door hangers can go over the back of the door in a bathroom or linen closet, and expand the shelf space available in both of those locations. Rather than plastic or cloth pockets, these generally feature plastic or wire baskets so the items don't fall out when the door is opened or closed. They can be a great space to store extra items, such as additional bottles of shampoo or body wash for example, as well as tools like a hair dryer or curling iron. A similar design may be used for storing tools in a garage or workshop. Any type of pocket door hanger can be a great way to increase storage ability in small spaces.

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