What Are the Different Types of Playroom Decor?

Tara Barnett

There are many different types of playroom decor, most of which relates to themes considered appropriate for children. For example, playroom decorations might focus on cars or characters from a specific television show. Many different elements in a playroom can be decoratively modified or made to fit with a theme, including furniture, lights, and wall decorations. Storage is typically very important in a playroom, and decorative storage solutions are available from many stores.

Ideally, the decorating theme in a child's playroom should reflect their interests.
Ideally, the decorating theme in a child's playroom should reflect their interests.

Playroom decor often includes special furniture or decorative items. Children's dressers, bookshelves, and chairs are all popular for playrooms and can be used not only for toys but also for clothes and other items. Generally, playroom decor is designed to fit a child's small size, so chairs may be very small and tables may be low to the ground. Rugs, which can bear the design of roads or other playful patterns, are often important to playrooms because they provide a surface upon which to play.

Wall decor is also important to playrooms and can include many different elements. Special wallpaper or painting patterns can make a playroom more playful, and specialty wall coverings can even be easier to wash. Decorative items, such as pictures, curtains, or posters, can also add to the general feel of the room.

Furniture that doubles as a play item is often used as playroom decor because this saves space and lends a bright feel to the room. For example, beds that double as forts or tree houses are very popular in playrooms that are also used as bedrooms. Bookcases that take the form of dollhouses can be used for both storage and play as well.

Lighting is also a common type of playroom decor, and special lighting fixtures are often used in this type of room. Children's chandeliers and decorative fans are popular and can provide ventilation in these areas for summer play. All decor items in a playroom should be safe for children to use without adult supervision, as a playroom is typically a place where children can be sent to play alone. Children's lighting must not pose a fire hazard, and access to the lighting should be at an appropriate height.

One way in which playroom decor is often divided up is according to theme. General themes, such as princess themes or car themes, can incorporate a number of different elements relating to those categories. Colors can help unify a room and need not explicitly relate to the theme. Specific themes, such as television shows or types of music, can also be used.

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