What are the Different Types of Plastic Equipment?

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There are many types of plastic equipment, some of which are classified as industrial equipment, medical equipment, and machinery equipment. These may be used in recycling products and in the welding industry. Nozzles and screws are types of plastic equipment used in machinery shops and in welding projects. Plastic equipment may also consist of heating and cooling device controls. Transmitters are another type of equipment used in plastic manufacturing.

Auxiliary plastic equipment may include products for workshops. One such piece of equipment is the conveyor, or conveyor belt. This may be used in many types of machinery shops. Some of these are spiral, some of curved, and some are straight. Plastic chain conveyors are often manufactured for industrial use.

There are many types of plastic surgery equipment. These may used in operating rooms of hospitals. Some of the equipment may include medical furniture and overhead lights used during surgical procedures. Stools may be a type of plastic equipment often used in a physician's office as well.


Plastic office equipment may be used in various office settings, and cup holders that hold writing implements are a popular example. Plastic cabinets, used for filing or medical bookkeeping records are another type. Plastic clipboards are a type of equipment that is used for holding documents. Some types of plastic office equipment have no functional purpose other than providing entertainment. An example is a plastic gumball machine that may be kept on a desk, or even paperweights which are made from plastic.

Plastic utility carts are used in various office settings. This is a versatile type of equipment that can transport various items. Some offices may make use of plastic coffee carts. Plastic trash cans and recycling bins are another type of plastic equipment used in numerous settings as well. In addition, many homeowners use plastic bins and storage equipment for personal use.

Playground equipment is another type of plastic equipment. Many of these are used for schools and public parks. Materials that may be used for thees pieces of plastic equipment may be polyethylene. This is a most common type of heavy-duty plastic. Certain types of playground equipment made from plastic include swings and slides or fitness gyms.

Plastic safety equipment may include bicycle helmets. These may be made for children and adults. Plastic motorcycle helmets are another type that must meet safety standards and regulations.

Plastic extrusion equipment is often used in machine shops. Plastic recycling equipment may also include shredders for recycling many types of plastic materials. Plastic granulators may be used for flattening pieces of plastic for recycling.


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