What Are the Different Types of Planning Coordinator Jobs?

D. Nelson

Planning coordinators are usually highly trained technical professionals who oversee the strategic aspects of construction projects. One of the most common types of planning coordinator jobs requires professionals to participate in planning of a construction project before it begins. Coordinators might look over surveyor data, consider building regulations and codes, and also ensure that building plans result in structures that meet a client's demands. People in this field might also have planning coordinator jobs in which they work for consultant firms and help clients to develop the most intelligent plans for expansion or improvement. Individuals with planning coordinator jobs might also focus on issues such as health and safety.

Planning coordinators often plan and oversee construction projects.
Planning coordinators often plan and oversee construction projects.

People who become planning coordinators usually have at least undergraduate degrees in fields such as building science, architecture, or engineering. Most planning coordinators also have professional certification that shows they have a strong understanding of local laws and regulations that impact most building projects. In most cases, planning coordinators are professionals who have been in the construction industry for a number of years and who have had plenty of experience working in positions such as project manager.

When people have planning coordinator jobs, it is common for them to participate in strategic planning before work even starts. In these cases, planning coordinators commonly act as consultants. They might meet with building managers and client representatives to discuss desired results versus cost and risk related to injury and bad weather. Aside from being familiar with local codes, laws, and regulations which may affect building projects, people with planning coordinator jobs also must understand the climate of regions where they work, as well as issues related to weather. It might be the job of a planning coordinator, for example, to determine at which times of the year certain facets of a project can be completed.

A number of people with planning coordinator jobs work for consultant firms. When a client business wants to expand by building new locations or expanding current locations, they might meet with planning coordinators who can look over financial statements and other relevant data to determine where there are opportunities and where there is potential risk. It also is common for people with planning coordinator jobs to help clients find suppliers and contractors to perform construction work.

Individuals who have planning coordinator jobs might also focus on specific concerns, such as health and safety. For example, this kind of professional might become familiar with various labor laws and potential occupational hazards then advise building projects accordingly. They might help managers to develop safety policy.

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