What Are the Different Types of Pharmaceutical Industry Jobs?

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Different types of pharmaceutical industry jobs are often based on the various needs of pharmaceutical companies and the basic structure of these large corporations. Science and medical jobs are quite prevalent at pharmaceutical companies, usually in the development of new medicines and the testing process applied to those products. There are also a number of positions for individuals as representatives for these companies and their products to different hospitals and medical conventions. Some pharmaceutical industry jobs are more corporate-based, and include officers and other positions at the large companies that dominate much of the industry.

Pharmaceutical industry jobs cover a wide range of employment opportunities at different companies involved in the production of medication and related products. Many of these positions are available for those with a background in science and research, including fields such as biology and medicine. Individuals in these positions often research and develop new medicines and products that are going to be offered by a company. There are also scientific pharmaceutical industry jobs for those interested in testing different products, to ensure that required safety protocols are followed and verify that medication is safe before it is released for public consumption.


Since many pharmaceutical companies are involved in manufacturing medications, there are also a number of pharmaceutical industry jobs for those involved in more practical aspects of the business. These include positions for those who work on assembly lines where medication is prepared and packaged for sale or distribution. There are also pharmaceutical industry jobs for people interested in representing these companies and the products they make and offer to customers. Such representatives often travel to hospitals, doctor’s offices, and medical conventions to inform medical professionals about new products and their various benefits and side effects.

Some pharmaceutical industry jobs are related to the running of a business, often with a focus on corporate structure. Many pharmaceutical companies are corporations with basic structures similar to other businesses, requiring numerous employees and officers to oversee the daily operations. These individuals often have a background in business or marketing, rather than science or industry, and such positions differ little from other corporate opportunities. There are also pharmaceutical industry jobs for people who work in other industries, such as marketing, as medications typically require advertising and customer support like any other type of retail product.


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