What are the Different Types of Pet Franchises?

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There are many types of pet franchises a person may open. Among the most common are those that provide pet sitting, walking, and grooming services. There are even some franchises that provide daycare for animals, usually dogs. A person may also purchase a franchise that sells gourmet food and treats for animals or specialty items, such as dog sweaters. Additionally, some pet franchise businesses sell pets or pet supplies.

Some pet franchises focus on the care of animals. For example, there are pet franchises for those who want to start daycare businesses for dogs or walk dogs when their owners are unavailable. An individual may even find pet sitting franchises as well as those that focus on training pets or grooming them. A person may even purchase a pet franchise to fill the need for animal kennels in his area.

A person who is interested in pet franchises may also find those that focus on providing gourmet edibles for pets. For example, a person may buy a franchise that makes and sells gourmet treats or food for dogs and cats. He may even purchase a franchise that focuses on organic foods for animals or foods for pets that have to follow special diets. Many of these franchises also sell items that complement their businesses, such as creative pet food dishes or sweaters for dogs.


In some cases, a person may wish to focus on the sale of pets rather than their care and feeding. There are pet franchises that sell several types of pets to the general public. For example, a pet store may primarily sell puppies and kittens, or it may include such pets as hamsters and gerbils, mice and rats, and snakes and lizards. Some also sell fish, frogs, rabbits, birds and even spiders as pets. In some cases, a person may want to sell animals but avoid those that are traditionally kept as pets. In such a case, he may purchase a franchise opportunity that involves selling exotic pets instead.

There are also pet franchises that do not focus on live animals at all. Instead, this type of pet franchise may sell supplies pet owners need. For example, a pet supply franchise may sell pet cages, aquariums, habitats, food, and treats. Franchises that sell pet supplies may sell collars, leashes, and chemicals to keep pets free of parasites as well.


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Post 3

@MrsPramm - There is also the opposite problem, though, that it's very difficult for a small business owner to source ethical supplies without passing on enormous cost to the buyer. I think it's definitely worth looking at pet franchise opportunities. You should just be careful to do your research first.

Post 2

@Fa5t3r - I would also be very concerned about where pet store franchises source their animals. It is all too common for pet stores to get their puppies from puppy-mills, for example, which can be extremely abusive.

And there have been multiple issues in the last couple of decades with pet food and treats being contaminated because they were sourced from overseas and their regulations weren't good enough.

It makes me think, if I was going to go into a business working with animals, I would much rather do it on my own terms rather than being locked into a franchise deal.

Post 1

It's always important to do your research when investigating franchises but pet franchises are probably more vulnerable than most to serious problems.

If, for example, you open a pet store, you have to make sure that you are doing it in a humane way and that if your business fails the animals will still be taken care of.

If you are working with animals, like pet sitting or dog walking, you need to make sure that the franchise has a good, deserved reputation and decent practices. Even if you know you will treat animals well, if someone else in another state in the same franchise does something abusive, you will bear the consequences. And the backlash when anything happens to animals is severe, as it should be.

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