What Are the Different Types of Permanent Cosmetics Supplies?

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Permanent cosmetics supplies include everything from how-to books and video tutorials to topical anesthetics. Specialized equipment and accessories such as needles, rotary machines and adapters are some of the supplies that are frequently used in professional applications. To perform various procedures, the use of hand tools such as disposable applicators are often necessary. Permanent cosmetics supplies also include pigment colors, which are permanent dyes. For health and sanitation purposes, various types of sterilization products are essential materials.

Cosmetic tattooing is a procedure commonly performed by professional technicians who require the use of permanent cosmetics supplies. Individuals who seek these cosmetic procedures often desire permanent color to enhance the lips, eyelids or facial area. A wide array of products are available for performing this type of service. Most technicians who wish to master this art purchase permanent cosmetics supplies such as educational videos and tutorial guidebooks. Computer software programs are other types of permanent makeup supplies that are used as educational tools.

Professional technicians who provide permanent cosmetic services often use some type of topical anesthetic on the area to be treated. A numbing agent helps to ensure the client does not experience pain during the procedure. Most of the anesthetic supplies are available in liquid, cream or gel form. Ingredients such as lidocaine, tetracaine and epinephrine are considered to be safe, although a small percentage of individuals may experience allergic reactions or skin sensitivity.


Pigment color kits are generally available in a myriad of colors and are commonly used for permanent lip color and eyeshadow. Permanent eyeliner is seen in basic shades of black, brown and lavender. In addition, natural flesh tone color kits are used for blushing the face. There are special pigment color dyes used for applying permanent color to the eyebrows as well, including shades of brown, black and blonde.

To perform permanent cosmetic procedures, the use of digital or rotary machines are often necessary. These machines generally include some type of power supply, as well as a foot pedal for hands-free operation. When sold as a kit, other essential accessories may be included, such as various sized needles and autoclavable casings. Accessories are often color coded to identify various needle sizes that are necessary for different procedures.

For safe practice and to comply with health regulations, permanent cosmetics supplies include products for sterilization. Disinfectant sprays are available in plastic bottles and used for sanitizing equipment and counter tops. These antimicrobial sprays typically contain ingredients capable of destroying a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms. For disinfecting a client's skin before performing a procedure, iodine preparation wipes are often used. Permanent cosmetics supplies also include trash liners for disposing used needles and other hazardous waste.


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