What Are the Different Types of Penile Papules Treatment?

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The most common types of penile papules treatment are carbon dioxide laser therapy and home remedies like herbal creams and oils. No treatment is actually necessary, since papules are not dangerous, nor are they indicative of any serious medical condition. Occasionally, penile papules will disappear on their own over time without any treatment.

Penile papules are small, round, raised areas of light colored skin which usually occur around the head of the penis. They are often mistaken for sexually transmitted diseases by patients. Since any bumps on the genitals could be indicative of disease, papules should be examined by a doctor in order to rule out any of these conditions. Doctors are not entirely sure on what causes them. No penile papules treatment is generally necessary since they are benign, are not painful, and do not lead to any serious medical condition when left alone.

Patients may choose to undergo cosmetic penile papules treatment due to embarrassment at their appearance. They may also be concerned that sexual partners may assume they have a sexually transmitted disease, since papules and genital warts may be similar in appearance. Papule removal is usually performed by a cosmetic surgeon or another specialist.

The most common medical penile papules treatment is laser therapy. This is where a targeted laser beam is directed as the papules in order to burn them away. Local anesthesia is generally used to numb the penis during the procedure, resulting in no pain for the patient. Once the medication wears off, however, patients are usually very uncomfortable during recovery. Penile swelling, redness and pain are all common.

There are also home remedies which have been used for penile papule treatment. These include things like tea tree oil and other herbal creams. Commercial products aimed as treating papules are also available. Patients may purchase them online or from health stores as well as from some naturalist health practitioners. It is a good idea to speak with a doctor before performing any self-treatment.

In many cases papules will eventually disappear or lessen in appearance over time. More may occur later, although this is not always the case. Papules which change in appearance, ooze or become painful may signal another underlying condition.

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