What Are the Different Types of Pedicures?

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Besides a regular pedicure, there are several methods for grooming and pampering feet. Most of these can be done as a professional pedicure or a home pedicure, with the exception of some of the more unusual ones. Some treatments involve covering the feet with melted wax, while others include a massage with oils and hot stones. Individuals can also opt for a miniature pedicure, French pedicure, or margarita pedicure. Some pedicures are slightly unusual and involve soaking the feet in things like fish tanks, chocolate, or wine.

A regular pedicure is one of the most common types. This usually involves soaking the feet in warm, scented water for a period of time. Rough calluses are then sloughed away with a pumice stone, and the toenails are trimmed and filed. Moisturizer is applied, usually during a foot massage, and polish is then applied to the toenails.

A miniature pedicure, or mini pedi, is basically the same as a regular pedicure, but it takes less time. The feet are soaked for a shorter period of time, for instance, and the calluses are not sloughed away. Usually, the nails are just trimmed, filed, and polished. These types of pedicures are good for people who are short on time.


Paraffin treatments are other popular types of pedicures and manicures. During a paraffin pedicure, the feet are covered with several layers of melted paraffin wax after a thick moisturizer is applied. The feet can either be dipped into the wax, or the wax can be brushed onto the feet with a brush. After the wax dries, it is peeled away from the feet. A paraffin pedicure is known for being very moisturizing, and people with very dry feet will often benefit from them.

Stone pedicures are usually more of a massage. This type of pedicure involves oil being massaged into the feet and lower legs with hot stones. The toenails may also be trimmed, filed, and polished as well.

French pedicures are also very popular. These are usually very similar to regular pedicures, except for the colors of the toenail polishes. Typically, the toenails will either be left natural or covered with a light pink polish. White polish is then applied just to the tips of the toenails, and the nails are then covered with clear polish.

More usual foot treatments also exist, including fish pedicures, which involve soaking the feet in a tank full of fish. The traditional type of fish used for these uses are garra rufa, which are native to the rivers of parts of the Middle East. These fish are also sometimes referred to as nibbler fish or doctor fish. Some spas have hundreds or thousands of these fish in tanks, and when people soak their feet in the tanks, the fish eat the dead dry skin. Many experts claim that these fish will do wonders for people suffering from psoriasis and eczema.

Margarita pedicures are also becoming increasingly popular. They usually begin with the feet being scrubbed with a coarse salt scrub. Limes are then added to the water that the feet are soaked in, and lime moisturizers are also used.

Chocolate and wine pedicures are also considered somewhat usual. These involve soaking the feet in chocolate or wine, respectively. These, however, are usually only offered in high-end salons and spas.


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I suggest you go for the French pedicure Heavanet. Not only are they relaxing, but they make your feel look very pretty with the unique polish techniques. The French pedicure is especially nice if you will be wearing open toe shoes.

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Does anyone have recommendations for the best type of pedicure to have done? I have a special occasion coming up and I think I will treat myself to one. I don't know about a chocolate pedicure though!

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