What are the Different Types of Pectoral Workouts?

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The pectorals are the large fan-shaped muscles of the chest. A bodybuilder spends considerable time developing his chest area. There are many exercises designed to strengthen these large muscles. Good pectoral workouts include push-up, bench press, incline bench press, and the dumbbell fly. Each workout is designed to develop specific angles of the chest.

The pectoral muscles are divided into two groups. These are the pectoral minor and pectoral major. The pectoral major muscles are the largest muscle in the chest area. This muscle covers the upper portion of the rib cage. The pectoral minor muscles are the chest muscles that attach the chest area to the shoulders. There are specific pectoral workouts designed for each muscle group.

Weightlifting and muscle development programs are typically divided into two categories. These are mass building exercises and muscle toning programs. A pectoral workout designed for mass building typically includes heavy weights with lower repetitions. A toning exercise program requires more repetitions with lighter weights.

Mass bodybuilding exercises typically use heavier weights. These exercises require spotters and solid lifts. Some good mass building pectoral workouts include bench press, incline bench press, and decline bench press. Because of the heavier weights, these exercises typically require a spotter, which is a training partner in the gym that assists with managing the weights while they are lifted.


The pec deck is a weightlifting machine that is specifically designed to develop the chest muscles. This machine strengthens the pectorals by enabling the execution of the seated fly. Most pectoral workouts include pec deck exercises. These workouts support the growth of both pectoral major and minor muscle groups.

The chest area is considered one of the most attractive muscles in men. Pectoral toning programs are designed to make the chest area tight and firm. A pectoral workout program that focuses on toning should include multiple chest exercises at repetitions of 15 to 20 per set.

Some good muscle toning exercises include push-up, standing cable fly, and jumping jacks. These exercises should be performed in three-set intervals with 20 or more repetitions per set. This helps the bodybuilder burn unwanted fat in his chest, which develops a more chiseled look.

Swimming is also a good method of burning fat in the chest area. Some good swimming pectoral workouts include using the breaststroke and freestyle. Twenty minutes of swimming three days per week is adequate for developing a strong chest.


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