What are the Different Types of Peanut Butter?

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Peanut butter is a food staple in many American kitchens, and comes in many different varieties, including sugar-free, sodium-free, smooth, chunky, organic, natural and regular. Except for those with peanut allergies and the people who don't care for the substance, many people have personal preferences preference for at least one of the many types available today.

Regular peanut butter is available in many brands. The amount of partially-hydrogenated oil and sugar varies between brands, but regular versions always have added oil and sugar. They don't separate the way natural peanut butter does. Regular versions also contain preservatives so they don't have to be refrigerated after opening in most cases. There are some no or low sodium and low or no sugar added brands of regular peanut butter on the market today as well.

Natural peanut butter is made of only ground peanuts without added oil, sugar or preservatives. Many people want to choose this type because they don't want the added oil and sugar, but are put off by the inconvenience of all the natural oils going to the top of the jar. Some people deal with this by transferring the peanut butter from the jar into a covered container to keep in the fridge and then stirring the oils into the rest of the product occasionally. Natural peanut butter needs to be refrigerated because it lacks preservatives.


There are also organic peanut butters. They're usually made without sugar, salt and preservatives, but you'll need to check the label to be sure. Organic means only that the peanuts used were grown without pesticides. Though these versions are often more expensive than natural or regular, many people prefer the idea of consuming pesticide-free peanuts. Organic peanut butter typically requires refrigeration after opening.

Most type of peanut butters are usually all available in a choice of smooth or chunky styles. Chunky, or crunchy versions have some finely chopped peanuts in them. Smooth versions has no chopped peanuts and is also known as creamy peanut butter.


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Post 7

As I get older, I find I like the natural peanut butter with no added sugar. The stuff like Peter Pan, Skippy and Jif are just too sweet for me.

My preferred variety, really, is to go to Earth Fare and get it freshly ground.

Post 6

which preservatives, stabilizers or hydrogenated oil would you recommend for peanut butter which will prevent the oil separate on the top of the jar and what is the secret to make smooth and creamy p.b as Jif or Skippy (not to gummy)? What is the shelf life of peanut butter without any preservation?

Post 4

peanut butter does not help with alzheimer's at all. My grandfather ate that stuff his whole life. He had at least two a day, and now he is in the last stage of alzheimer's.

Post 3

which preservatives or stabiliser would you recommend for peanut butter? and what is the shelf life of peanut butter without any preservation?

Post 2

Peanut butter is a really healthy food. It has vitamin E which is known to protect against certain cancers, such as lung cancer, also it protects against alzheimers, and helps with vision.

Post 1

If you have ever had Baskin and Robbins Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream or many of the other ones you will notice that the peanut butter is not the same as what you buy in the store, ie. Jif or Skippy. What kind of peanut butter is it that they use? It does not seem like the all natural type either. Just wanted to make a good homemade ice cream and could not find a recipe that has other than the usual brands. cznc

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