What Are the Different Types of PC Computer Software?

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There are basically as many different types of personal computer (PC) software as there are needs for such software. Software programs have been designed to help professionals in various ways, such as word processing programs for writers and journalists, graphics editors for graphic designers and illustrators, and money management programs for business owners and financial experts. Other PC computer software programs are developed for recreation and communications through programs such as PC games, instant messaging utilities, social networking websites and applications, and media players.

A full and comprehensive detailing of PC computer software programs would far exceed the limits of any reasonable list, though a number of common program types can be compiled fairly easily. Most software programs are developed for use in either professional or leisure activities, though people can use software in both applications quite easily. Beyond these programs intended for use in achieving different tasks, there are also more basic programs such as operating systems and networking utilities. These types of PC computer software programs are used to run computers and networks, to allow other types of software to then be used with those systems.


PC computer software is increasingly used for professional purposes by those in a number of different fields. Writers and journalists, for example, use computer software to type and edit stories, articles, books, and poems for review and publication. Graphic designers and illustrators use graphic editing programs to create and change illustrations and images, while photographers use photograph editing software to manipulate images they capture with a camera. Directors and editors working in film and television use editing programs to cut shows together for theatrical release or airing on television.

There are also numerous PC computer software programs for use in other professional atmospheres. This can include anything from financial analysis and money management programs, often used by business owners, investors, and managers, to programs used to analyze symptoms and help diagnose illnesses. Some programs can be used with specialized equipment as well, such as software designed to analyze spectrographic input or help calibrate or run diagnostics on automotive and aircraft equipment.

PC computer software can also be created for more recreational purposes. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of PC games developed and released each year, including single player games, online multiplayer games, and games that interface with social networking websites. These sites utilize other software to help people connect and communicate over long distances, building social structures in a digital environment. Other PC computer software often used for fun or recreation includes chat programs, media players, and programs used for sharing files between hundreds or thousands of users.


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