What Are the Different Types of Patriotic Decor?

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The term "patriotic" refers to a sentiment of intense devotion to or fervor for one's country. Patriotic decor can, therefore, vary depending on the country in which a person lives. In Italy, for example, a patriotic citizen may take to wearing the colors of the Italian flag, or simply posting such flags at a residence. In the United States, patriotic decor often focuses on red, white, and blue colors, since these are the relevant colors associated with the American flag. The color scheme of the decorations will generally give off a patriotic feeling, and that scheme will vary by country.

Flags are perhaps the most common items used for patriotic decor, as they are directly emblematic of a country. Residents of some countries are in the habit of placing flags in front of homes, on flagpoles in front of important buildings, or in various locations throughout a city or town. The display of a flag is considered honorable and respectful toward that country, and while residents of that particular country are most likely to create such displays, visitors can also display some patriotism by sporting the appropriate colors or displaying a flag.


Each country has a unique history complete with heroes and villains, and in many cases, patriotic decor in the home or other locations will focus on such heroes, villains, or monumental events. Sometimes such heroes can be figurative rather than literal; in the United States, for example, the bald eagle is a representative symbol of freedom, so many homeowners choose to decorate the home with items that represent the bald eagle. Throw pillows, blankets, plates, tablecloths, clothing, and other garments may be made in the image of the bald eagle to represent the country's pride regarding freedom over tyranny.

During celebrations that focus on the country's successes or history, various patriotic decor is often seen in the home and on the streets. Streamers, bunting, banners, flags, and posters often adorn buildings with the colors of the country's flag or relevant historical symbols. It is also sometimes common for people to dress up as historical figures on such holidays. Small figurines can be put on display in the home; these figurines may represent the symbols or relevant historical figures for that country. Placemats at a table can be made in the country's primary colors, and plates can even feature designs relevant to that country's history and pride.


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