What are the Different Types of Patio Enclosures?

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There are many different designs and types of patio enclosures, some of which include patio awnings and screen rooms. A sun porch or solarium are also types of patio enclosures. Some enclosures for the patio feature all-glass material. To protect against the elements, there are all-weather patio enclosures.

Many patio sun rooms feature a safety latch to secure the area, while still enabling a view of the outside surroundings. Patio enclosures that feature sun rooms are typically made of aluminum. The sun rooms can be constructed on the patio for year-round use. These patio enclosures allow ventilation while protecting against insects and rain.

Some enclosures for the patio feature vinyl framing as well as aluminum. In many cases, enclosures that have been designed for sun room use can also include heating and air conditioning options. Many sun rooms have several windows to allow plenty of sunlight. Some sun rooms have a standard gabled roof, while others employ the sloped-roof design.

Patio enclosures such as deck railings provide ornamentation as well as practicality. These are typically constructed of coated aluminum and require little maintenance. Patio railings are often seen in various colors, including black or white. The construction of railings typically interlock to provide a safety type of guardrail. Many people who own pets prefer these enclosures.

Various types of patio covers can help to shade the patio area from excessive sun. These generally help to lower air temperature for a more comfortable space on the patio. Some patio covers feature skylights that allow extra light through. These patio enclosures are also made to withstand and protect against the elements. Patio covers can be roof mounted and come in various angled designs.

Some patio awnings feature a retractable option. This allows for the option of having shade and protection when desired, or simply pulling the awning back for extra light when not needed. In most cases, the retractable awning will not require the use of poles.

Many of these awnings come in a wide array of patterns and color choices. Various fabrics are typically available as well. Some patio awnings feature a valance that slopes downward, providing extra protection from the sun's strong rays. Retractable awnings typically feature the option of a remote control device to operate. There are also less elaborate enclosures such as stationary patio awnings.

Alternately, there are enclosures for the patio that are designed to shield vehicles. These coverings are known as carports. Weather-resistant carports allow protection from rain and snow when the home does not have a garage.

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