What Are the Different Types of Part-Time Nanny Jobs?

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There are many types of childcare jobs — babysitters, preschool teachers, nursery school teachers, teaching assistants, after-school program workers and nannies — all with different preparatory, educational, certification and licensing requirements, which in the US depends upon the state where they are employed. The specific term nanny usually refers to a childcare worker who works full-time with a single family while caring for one or more children in the family home. Nannies may be self-employed or assigned by an agency. Some live with the families for which they work while others commute to and from the family home on a daily basis. Most nanny positions are full-time ones, but there are a few part-time nanny jobs including time-off work, resort work and new mother positions.

Many part-time nanny jobs involve filling in for a household's regular nanny's time off, holidays and vacations. As with full-time nanny positions, these part-time nanny jobs may be filled by self-employed workers or assigned by a nanny agency. Ideally, a part-time nanny would be a familiar figure to the children she cares for and cognizant of the household's specific routines and her employer's expectations. If this part-time position is filled by an agency representative, there is usually a specific form of household orientation required for the worker's introduction to the household and the children of the household. In cases where a self-employed nanny fills the position, adequate orientation will need to be addressed by the employers and the full-time nanny.


Other types of part-time nanny jobs provide service as part of the amenities offered to guests by some resorts and cruise lines. These part-time nanny jobs are few in number with keen competition for available spaces. For these reasons, significant experience and education, certifications and licensure may help a prepared nanny land this type of position sooner than a less qualified candidate. Seasonal resort work may actually require full-time hours during the resort's "in" season, but these are considered part-time nanny jobs as the length of their work is usually measured in weeks or months. Resort and cruise line employment usually requires more flexibility on the part of the nanny as well as the ability to bond quickly with her charges.

Part-time nanny jobs are also commonly available in households welcoming home a new baby. Whether the nanny is employed to help a new mother adjust to her infant or intended to supervise older children in the household, the extra set of hands can be extraordinarily helpful to the family. Most "new baby" nanny positions are filled through agencies in order to ensure adequate training and background checks for safety.


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