What Are the Different Types of Part-Time Modeling Jobs?

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Working part-time as a model may involve various aspects of the industry, such as fashion model work or modeling for television ads. Some part-time modeling jobs involve posing for an artist or sculptor, often referred to as artist modeling. Another aspect of part-time modeling is freelancing. Working as a part-time freelance model does not require a long-term commitment, as the freelancer is self-employed. In addition, modeling one specific part of the body, such as the hands or feet, may also be done on a part-time basis.

Part-time modeling jobs in the fashion industry may involve displaying designer fashions on a runway, or modeling for special video productions. Additionally, many part-time modeling jobs involve posing for fashion magazine layouts. Fashion models, even those employed part-time, are often required to travel extensively. Those who do local fashion model work often participate in fashion shoots, which may take place inside a modeling studio. Although there are no educational requirements for becoming a fashion model, there are certain characteristics and endowments that hiring agencies look for.

Most high-end fashion models will display good posture and be extremely photogenic. In addition, the majority of fashion models are taller than average height, although there are exceptions. Additionally, a fashion model will typically have an attractive figure and a flawless complexion. Part-time modeling jobs in the fashion industry usually require the subject to possess a flair for applying make-up in a way that enhances her appearance.


Some individuals employed in part-time modeling jobs may be hired by professional artists or sculptors. This type of work generally entails posing for a sculptor or painter while he composes a likeness of his subject. An artist's model may have to maintain a pose for a long period of time, and often requires patience and fortitude. In many cases, the artist's model executes a pose she has conceived herself. Many individuals who are employed in part-time modeling jobs for artists and sculptors are paid an hourly rate.

While many part-time modeling jobs involve displaying fashion, accessories and make-up, another position is known as body part modeling. This generally entails modeling a specific area or part of the body, such as the hands or legs. Cosmetics companies often look for models with attractive mouths or eyes to showcase their products, namely lipsticks and eyeshadow.

Independent contractors seeking part-time modeling jobs may be involved in freelance work. With freelance modeling, the individual is not employed under contract by an agency. This type of modeling may be done part-time, whenever work is available and the person chooses to accept an assignment. Some freelance models choose to advertise through an agency, while others prefer self-promotion. As a means of self promotion, many models distribute business cards or build a website dedicated to their freelance work.


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@ocelot60- You are probably right about there being few modeling jobs in a small area. You should tell your relative to check for part-time modeling jobs in the nearest large city. If she fits the criteria mentioned in this article, there is a good chance that she may be able to achieve her modeling dreams.

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I have an attractive, young relative who is trying to find part-time modeling work while she is in college. The problem is that she doesn't live in a large city, so I think that she will have a difficult time finding modeling work in her area. What advice can I give her so that I help her without hurting her feelings about her modeling aspirations? I don't want to make her feel bad, but I also don't want her to waste time trying to find work that isn't available.

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